See Hotel Transylvania 2 in 3D for a great family experience!


by Dawj Sangster– Six Brown Chicks had a chance to bless some families from the Chicagoland Mom Squad headed by Tenille Jackson, with tickets to the Chicago screening of Hotel Transylvania 2. It was a really great family movie and we love to bless moms and dads with opportunities to get a break together and with their children. We surprised some families onsite with VIP upgrades and a chance to hangout with us in the VIP section.


The movie is in theaters Friday, September 25 (TWO days) and it was an awesome movie. Check out the movie and let us know what you think.


Thanks to Sony Pictures and its media affiliates for this opportunity. You and your children will LOVE this movie!


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Follow Dr. Dawj on Twitter @Dawgelene

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