The Transgender Child

The Transgender Child
Born a boy, Jazz Jennings was diagnosed with gender identity disorder at the age of three. Today she is a positive activist and role model for transgender youth.

By Kym B.

Disclaimer: I am totally supportive of pro-lifestyle.

However, I recently caught a reality show that featured a transgender youth.  Although this youth is a teenager now, the transformation began as a young child.  This is where my issue begins. 

A transgender child is one whose gender identity differs from the social expectations for the physical sex that they were born with. I’m on the fence about parents of transgender young children.

I don’t fully understand how a parent is supportive when a toddler or younger child tells them that they identify and would like to be another gender other than how they were born. 

The great thing about being young is experiencing life to its fullest. When I was young, I had my punk-Madonna-one laced glove-stage; my all black time; and, my sneaker phase.

Even as an adult, I have gone through different emotional, physical and spiritual periods in my life. It’s called growing.

My concern is when a parent allows a child to transition at such a young age, is the child really emotionally or socially ready?  Medically, maturity does not develop into a human brain until the age of 25. Children are legally too young to smoke, drink, drive or sign legal contracts.  Yet, some parents believe that a child has the ripeness to transition into another gender. I believe that it is such a phenomenon now that parents are jumping to support rather than truly exploring if this is really the lifestyle that their child wants to live.

We all can remember asking our parents for something and not getting it.  At the time, when I was denied something by my mother I thought my world would end, only to find out later that it ended up being for my best.

Yet, parenting these days has such enabling behavior that the thought of denying a child of anything is taboo.

Love and support is key in parenting.  Setting limits is an important factor as well.

Again I am in full support of everyone living their life happily and to their fullest.  I do, however, caution parents to move cautiously during a child’s exploration years.

Follow Kym B. on Twitter @AlwaysRich777

Follow Kym B. on Twitter @AlwaysRich777

Kym B. is an International Policy Analyst and she owns a clothing design boutique with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter@AlwaysRich777

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