Kelly Clarkson on pushing through to Forgiveness



by Dawj Sangster- Forgiveness can be hard because it is painful when one reflects on pain and suffering caused at the hands of others. Pain is pain whether it be emotional or physical. The scars left long after the initial pain linger and the victim is faced with often reliving the pain each time he or she looks at the scar, or something triggers the emotional pain.


At the recent Kelly Clarkson Piece by Piece tour concert in Rosemont, she was extremely transparent on stage and talked about learning to forgive to be successful in life. Of course success should be determined by each individual, but knowing how NOT forgiving someone hinders personal, professional and emotional growth is important to living a great life. Kelly’s top 3 tips (paraphrased) on forgiveness were:

  1.  Understand that forgiveness isn’t for the person that offended you, it is so that you can move forward with your life
  2. Once you truly forgive, move on so that you CAN live a life free from constantly reliving the pain
  3. Through it all, learn to smile again and live for YOU


Kelly not only looked amazing and seems to be in a great place in her marriage, career and life, but her vocals are like that of an angel. We salute her for an amazing concert and for being such a bright star.

Our thoughts is that you take a good look at who you may need to forgive so that you can move forward and be happy for YOU. Share with us if there are things you are holding on to that you need to release so that you can move forward in peace and happiness for YOU.

***Thanks so much to Cricket Nation and their STMA (something to smile about) campaign for this sponsored opportunity.


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