Mr. Right's Half-Truths Led to Heartbreak

Mr. Right's Half-Truths Led to Heartbreak
posed by a professional model.

My Biggest Heartbreak, and How I Got Over It

By Lana Pipkins, Houston Six Brown Chicks Correspondent

I was a doing a pre-flight check in the front of the aircraft when I looked up and saw… HIM.

He stood in the jetway waiting to board the plane that I was working from Baltimore to Shannon, Ireland.

With dark, curly hair, puppy dog eyes, and a slight olive complexion, his irresistible features were deserving of a second take, and I did just that.

During the flight, our obvious attraction could no longer be ignored, and as I stood at the front of the plane near the cockpit when he exited the restroom, he never returned to his seat. We talked for nearly one hour. In that time, I learned that he was a beautiful mixture of black and white, was in the Air Force, had a roommate, and so much more. The fasten seat-belt sign illuminated and it was time for him to walk back to his seat, but not before we exchanged phone numbers…and an innocent kiss on the cheek.

Soon after that trip we were talking up to three times a day. He even called me when he was out of the country. We talked about everything, and NO one could make me laugh the way he did. Everything was going great, and I could no longer deny that he had stolen my heart.

One morning, I awoke to one of his phone calls. Sick of the distance, we planned a weekend visit, and I was elated. But, upon discussing lodging, he said something odd.

“You can’t come to my house.”

I specifically remembered him saying that he had a roommate, so why couldn’t I go to his house?

“Are you married,” I quickly asked, to which he answered, “no,” then explained that his roommate is a woman. But not just any woman–a former girlfriend–and that he had not moved out, yet. With my heart steady sinking into my stomach, but needing more answers, I asked him why had he not moved out and what was keeping him there. Then, before he could say a word, the answer came to me.

“Do you have a child together?”

His answer?


And then silence. My elation had turned into devastation.

Days passed when I could no longer hold in the truth or my tears. My roommates, who were also my best girlfriends, cracked opened several bottles of wine and lent their ears and their shoulders for me to cry on; and as the old adage goes, time healed my wounds…and my heart.

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