I Could Have Been Sandra Bland

I Could Have Been Sandra Bland
Sandra Bland.

by A Comeaux

I’m feeling a collection of emotions and none of which are rational.

I’ll articulate my rage the best I can in order for my plea to be effective. I know there are responsible police officers that live up to their oaths to serve and protect, and YOU know this is not about them.

One question: What will we have to do to stop those corrupt, murderous cops from killing us?

Please don’t dare bring up B-on-B violence. I am not talking about living by or dying a sword. I’m speaking specifically to the innocent lives lost at the hands of corrupt police officers with ZERO accountability that net ZERO convictions and result in ZERO laws changed and ZERO time served!

Tell us, what really happened to Sandra Bland?



Sandra Bland could’ve been me! She could’ve been my mother or my best friend!

Are you not enraged? Are we not called to action? Are we to just cry and pray?

I have read comments about how we’re supposed to respond and interact with police.

We are to be calm, polite, non-confrontational and compliant. F*ck that! We’ve been conditioned to say Yes’suh and No’suh for hundreds of years and our blood has been on the corrupt cops’ hands every day since.

Are we to be distracted by EVERY black person that has been murdered by a government official that was NEVER convicted and sentenced? Are we to be bamboozled on a weekly basis with little to no recourse for cold-blooded murderers in uniform?

This is far worse than the systematic oppression that we’ve lived under for lack of equal opportunity and education, now it’s a modern day fear of a ‘routine traffic’ stop that can end in a “mysterious death” (and obvious homicide).

The corrupt, murderous cop is the judge and jury.  The laws were never designed to include, defend or represent us, and we get it. But blatant, unpunished and relentless murders across the U.S. sends the absolute wrong message! It says our lives don’t matter and they couldn’t care less about a hashtag. #BlackLivesMatter hasn’t penetrated the White House, Supreme Courts or local precincts enough for the corrupt, murderous cop to think twice about murdering us.

The scariest part of this reality is that the corrupt murderous cop fears no consequence for killing us. That’s the undisputed truth here in America today that every black person must accept.

Sure we can march, make a hashtag and protest on the streets of every city that kills one of our own…except, we can’t organize fast enough before another one of us is murdered.

We can’t escape or abandon our communities because we have no other place for refuge. If we’re not safe at home, then where are we safe? Where is home? Where is freedom? Where is equality? Where is justice? Where is liberty?

I’m A Comeaux and I’m a black woman driving in fear of the police murdering me.   

Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @KCOSpoke

Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @KCOSpoke

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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