Bill Cosby: Public Lynching or Just Desserts?

Bill Cosby: Public Lynching or Just Desserts?
Photo: Amanda Demme for New York magazine, and the Chicago Tribune.

By A Comeaux

If you’re irritated by the 35 women who’ve ‘just now’ come forth with their allegations against Bill Cosby, this post won’t support you.

If you think American media is doing a just service by publicly prosecuting him and stripping him of his life’s work of accolades, this post won’t support you, either.

This post is dedicated to #TheEmptyChair … that declaration from New York Magazine is the first thing that has ignited something in me since the admission was first broadcast.

…What Bill Cosby’s Supporters Think

For sake of tantalized banter, I’ll entertain you with a quick paradigm shift, that is, what Bill Cosby’s supporters say:

  • The public lynching of Bill Cosby speaks to America’s disdain for him ever touching a white woman, let alone 30! Yes, race matters.No matter the accomplishments, the titles or moniker of being America’s Dad, the mere fact that Bill Cosby touched their cookies is enough to enrage white America. Additionally, they don’t need him anymore. They still needed Kobe so his indiscretion was ‘forgiven’, but Mr. Cosby?
  • There are no more millions of dollars to be made from the black viewing dollar, there are no more endorsements or reasons to keep Bill Cosby in rotation.
  • Bill Cosby is the sacrificial lamb of the very media that created his legacy. The media giveth and just as easily the media taketh away…
  • He was a hot commodity in his day and we praised the man, the images and even the sweaters he joked in. Now, he’s a fast-selling headline with everyone that ever believed in him flipping on him, if not at minimum questioning his validity of being the role model we’ve adored for decades.

So be it.

Where I Stand

For every woman that said Yes to 9 things and said No to the 10th, I stand with you.

As if the mere existence of their bodies in the presence of a man means they are forfeiting their right to say how far they want things to go!

Like, yes I’m happy as hell to hang out with a man of your caliber, but I don’t owe my sex as a Thank you!

Yes, I need the job, yes I like you, yes I think you’re handsome and funny and sure I love your company, but that does NOT mean I’m saying yes to you coming inside me.

Don’t take away my option, my RIGHT to choose!

Why does my consent to be in your company eradicate my choice to sleep with you? I personally don’t give a damn about the tarnishing of a legacy. I personally don’t give a damn about when it happened. I care about a woman not having the option to be in control of what happens to her body. Bandwagon, you say.

I know the pain of suffering in silence and there is no statue that can limit the length of our agony.

Let’s remove titles and public figures for a moment.

Let’s not be so desensitized by women who’ve cried wolf and not support those who were eaten by one! Rape is a thing! Date rape is thing! Partying with men who drug women is a thing!

Rick Ross openly admitted to it and Reebok slapped his wrist.

Need I list the forgiven men? The reason women remain silent is because of the guilt from everything they did consent to … because victim-shaming is a thing, too.

Why speak out now?, you chant. Who knows… a better question would be why did it EVER happen and why are so many people okay with it!?

I’m A Comeaux and there are things that I’ll take to my grave. I salute all who’ve stepped up and stand in solidarity for those in the #TheEmptySeat …

Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @KCOSpoke

Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @KCOSpoke

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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