Just Had a Baby? Top 3 Ways to Get Your Groove Back!

Nikeya Young, plus size model and fashion blogger, (front) tries on an obi-style belt as Amber McCulloch looks on at vive la femme. (Shauna Bittle/for the Chicago Tribune).

By Devin Miller Feeling beautiful after having a baby is not easy.

Your body created and carried miracle; the miracle is here and you are faced with the reality you’ve signed up for: the late night feedings, the blowout diapers, and the spit-up on your shirt. You feel just about as sexy as an old shoe, (you know the sensible ones that you only pull out to clean the house in?) Despite this, there are a few things you can do for yourself to get your swagger back on track. I have a few suggestions below that are sure to help. Before stating them I would like to provide this disclaimer, you will feel as though these things are impossible, or you don’t have time for them, or they’re simply not in your expanded family’s budget.

YOU ARE WRONG, MAKE THE ROOM, YOU DESERVE IT! You are the glue that holds your family together (regardless of what anyone says), and you shouldn’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to be appreciated. Appreciate yourself you are awesome! Celebrate the fact that you created a life, and made it through pregnancy LIKE A BOSS! Congratulations Super Mommies, you are awesome!

(Lead photo: Nikeya Young (front) tries on an obi-style belt as Amber McCulloch looks on. Young is a professional model and blogger. Photo: Shauna Bittle/for the Chicago Tribune)

Follow Devin on Twitter @80sBaby_83

Follow Devin on Twitter @80sBaby_83

Chicago’s own Devin Miller is a Freelance Writer, Event Coordinator, and Project Manager who has always used creative expression to promote joy and laughter in a world bogged down with serious people, and serious situations. She is a “dreamer and a planner,” and truly believes that without both, you should stay asleep. Follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/laura.miller.73997, on Twitter at: @80sbaby_83 and her blog site at http://devinmilleralmost30.blogspot.com/.

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