After 20 Years,'s First Hook-Up is Still Together

After 20 Years,'s First Hook-Up is Still Together's first couple are still together. The company celebrates 20 years.

By Zondra Hughes

Mr. Right, where art thou?

Two weeks ago, my psychic cousin Erin, from my Irish side of the family, called me at 4 a.m. to deliver the good news:

“You will meet your next husband on Twitter.”

“Twitter? Really?” I murmured, still half-asleep. And in Erin fashion, she hung up without further explanation.

Erin has quite the success track record for her premonitions, but, between you and me, I’m not holding my breath waiting for Mr. Twitter to emerge.

If I were to look for Mr. Right, I may have a better chance of finding him online, according to the latest study from is celebrating 20 years of bringing couples together and they have released a few interesting facts about dating online:

·         Match has created more than 10 million relationships

·         Match has “made” more than 1 million babies

Online Dating In the next 20 years…

·         2 out of 3 relationships and more than half of all marriages will begin online

·         The single population will nearly double

Recently, the very first couple that brought together, Bill and Freddi Straus of California, shared a few details about their lives.

They are still married.

Q: Tell us how you initially met on Match.

Freddi: Well, after ending a 5-year relationship, a friend told me I had to go on Match and meet someone my age and eventually think about getting married again. I met many men and was just about ready to give up before I saw Bill’s profile. He was exactly what I was looking for: Jewish, about 5’10, gray hair and a hairy chest. Ha!

Q: Tell us about your first date.

Freddi: We emailed and spoke on the phone for about a week or so, then made a date for lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. He wanted to impress me so he ordered the lobster. When the check came, he was $5 short so he had to borrow it from me. As we walked out, he said he would like to see me again so he could give me my $5 back. We quickly planned our second date for Sunday.

I tried to cancel our second date after I decided to get a perm (bad decision), but he wouldn’t budge! When he came to pick me up for dinner, I greeted him at the door with a paper bag over my head with the eyes, nose and mouth cut out. He laughed and loved it and that was it! It was a done deal.

Freddi: We got married on January 1, 2000.  We picked a date we figured we could remember as we got older. We had around 60 people, a Chuppah and a Rabbi performing the wedding.

Q: What is life like today with each other?

Bill: I prefer staying at home now, listening to music and taking care of things, as I traveled much of the world for work and pleasure for 30 years. I’m an advocate for all things green and more. I also fill in at the Bridge club when needed.

The local dating pool is so, so, small, and it seems the good ones are taken. Perhaps my cousin Erin is right…maybe my next husband is only a few keystrokes away.

What do you think? Would you/have you/married anyone that you’ve met online? Do tell!
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