Are You a THOT? Take the Test!

Are You a THOT? Take the Test!
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by A Comeaux

It’s been a while… Between muddling over life’s detrimental decisions while juggling desires and necessities, I have a family and a brand to nurture.

As per usual, it was all in my head. The moment I decided to prioritize and de-clutter my life, here we are. Writing, living, being present in the moment.

And this moment is dedicated to You.

In my private chats with girls who rock, we stumbled upon the new trend title #THOT… Personally, I despise this word. I’m never a fan of a word or acronym that is demeaning to a woman to any capacity… BUT the caveat here is simply this: THOTs exist and we must admit when we display those tendencies.

Now, If you’ve gotten this far and have no clue what a THOT is, I invite you to the Urban Dictionary to get your learn on. For those who are hip to the present and promiscuous times, I’ve designed a quick test to assure that you’re THOT proof.

My only requirement is pure, unadulterated honesty.


We all have a little ho in us. Some manage it better than others, this is for the ‘others’, respectively.  Are you ready?

1. You’re at the grocery store, the expensive one downtown, wearing lashes, red bottoms, skinny jeans and the best perfume you own. You have hopes of grabbing the eye of an eligible, wealthy bachelor with enough confidence to approach and woo you. This is a THOT tendency.

2. You get dressed to the nines on the first Saturday you have off  in months AND kid free, so going to the club to let your hair down is a no-brainer!  To make things a pinch more interesting, you have only a $20 dollar bill folded four ways in your bra. 10 of which you owe the valet parking because your shoes were not cooperative with a three-block walk. You’re not on the list, you’re not willing to pay to get into VIP. You’re hoping to be noticed somewhere in this transaction to be granted entrance and stellar treatments via bottle service and couches to rest your feet. This, love, is a THOT trait.

The fact that you went out with the intention to be ‘chosen’ affirms your lack of confidence in yourself and says you’re willing to go the extra mile only to be used for a block. Do better.

3. Lastly, if you have someone you’re intimate with on a consistent basis, sharing emotional imbalances and life’s goals… but you say you’re single, you’re positioning your relationship for disrespect.

Pay attention to what motivates you.

Is it money? Sex? Fame? Your inner-ho will roar at the opportunity to become one of those THOTs. Fight it. There comes a time in every woman’s life when we have to ‘call a thing, a thing’… There will be a new name and new trend, but a woman’s worth established by her and her alone will never go out style.

I’m A Comeaux and I passed the THOT test. Did you?

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Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @KCOSpoke

Follow A Comeaux on Twitter @KCOSpoke

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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