Valentine's Day: Best Advice for Bad Situations

Valentine's Day: Best Advice for Bad Situations
The cast of 72 Hours give their best advice for lovers. (From l to r: Timon Kyle Durrett; Erica Hubbard; Brian Hooks; Thea Camara; Tangi Miller and Terri J. Vaughn.)

Valentine’s Day is this/close, and sometimes Cupid just can’t save the day.

Love quarrels happen; mistakes are made; and unfortunately, break-ups occur as well. We’ve asked the cast of 72 Hours movie to give their best advice for those sticky situations. #72HoursMovie opens today and plays all week at these locations:

Marcus Chicago Heights Cinema
1301 Hilltop Avenue, Chicago Heights, IL 60411
(708) 747-0800

Marcus Southgate Cinema
3330 South 30th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53215
Phone:(414) 291-3456

Studio Movie Grill Chatham
210 W. 87th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60620

How to apologize

Lonely on Valentine’s Day? Make time to date.

tangi miller










Can’t trust your partner’s shady past?

Thea Camara










Unsure of what you’re looking for in a mate?

Erica Hubbard










Licking your wounds after a break-up?

Terri J. Vaughn










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