The 5 BIGGEST Myths About Singles

The 5 BIGGEST Myths About Singles and Dr. Helen Fisher released findings in the 2015 #SinglesinAmerica study. (Posed by models.)

by Claire LeBlanc

To celebrate the launch of’s 2015 #SinglesinAmerica study, Dr. Helen Fisher dished exclusive #SinglesInAmerica findings during a recent Livestream Event. During her presentation, Dr. Fisher exposed several myths about singles and dating.

1. MYTH: Women are more romantic than men.

TRUTH: Women are the commitment-phobes, not men.

Men fall in love faster and more often than women do; also, when a man falls in love, he wants more public displays of affection.

2. MYTH: That feeling of being in love fades over time.

TRUTH: You can remain in love for the long-term.

Most singles in America reported that they were in love with their partner for more than 10 years; thus, the brain can sustain that circuitry long-term.

3. MYTH: You must have a spark at first sight.

TRUTH: The biggest mistake is making that initial judgment without giving somebody a chance.

“When you first meet somebody you know very little about them…you can fall in love with someone long term,” says Dr. Fisher. “Over 40% had fallen in love with someone that they had not found attractive initially.”

4. MYTH: Online daters are losers.

TRUTH: Online is where the cool dates are.

“Online daters have many more dates, they also are far more likely to have a full-time job, tend to have much more education and are much more likely to want to get married.”

5. MYTH: Women tend to fantasize about the future while on a date.

TRUTH: Men are more likely to fantasize: 51% and 48% met somebody on a first date and had that great exhilaration of the fact that they may be able to make a full future with that person.

One last thought for singles: “If there is ever a time in human history where we have an opportunity to make good relationships and good marriages,” Dr. Fisher says, “that time is now.”  Follow the conversation on Twitter #SinglesinAmerica

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