My Date from Hell with the Cable Guy

My Date from Hell with the Cable Guy
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By Veronica McNeal

Ladies, on the heels of 50 Shades of Grey, I have to share my datemare story with you.

Many years ago, the resident manger of a high-rise that I lived in convinced me to go out with the building’s cable guy.

He asked me what type of movie I liked, and I responded, “anything but a scary movie.”

First he picked me up tipsy, high on something.  Half-way into the ride, he offered me some of his feel good stash. I refused that. (Backstory: I’m from the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area and there has always been a drive- in X-rated movie in Maryland. I know this because I often visited my auntie, her backyard faced the back screen.)

Back to the datemare: As we rode through DC and headed towards Maryland, he took the exit near my auntie’s house and my stomach dropped.

He pulled into the X-rated drive-in movie, parked, and put the speakers inside the car.

And then my date proceeded to commentate every act on the screen. I had to think fast so I began to cough uncontrollably. I had previously turned down his date invitation because I had the flu,  so my symptoms were re-emerging (wink).

Veronica McNeal shares her hilarious date from hell.

Veronica McNeal shares her hilarious date from hell.

I finally said that I needed to get home because I was not feeling well. He took me home and over the next months profusely apologized through the resident manger and via messages. And this guy ad the audacity to ask for another date.

The situation taught me to always be specific, never give vague answers (any type of movie except a horror movie). An x-rated movie had not crossed my mind to include that in my list of no.

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