A Chat with Kevin Costner


by Dawgelene “Dr Dawj”  Sangster- I sat down recently with one of the greatest movie icons and actors of all time, Kevin Costner. He held a private VIP roundtable lunch in Chicago to talk about his new film Black or White, in which he stars with Octavia Spencer and Anthony Mackey. Kevin is a well-respected actor and after my lunch with him, I realize he is just a genuinely nice guy who seeks equality and success for all people.


In the film, Kevin plays a recently widowed grandfather who is suddenly left to care for his bi-racial grand daughter, played by Jillian Estel. The movie explores racism, family, death, and forgiveness.  Above all, it had some great humor in it.


Did this film make you different?

It absolutely made me different in that I realize that men have to make choices all of the time whether good or bad. The great thing is that we are often given chances or the whole second part of our lives to get it right and do the right things.


Your daughter Lily performed the beautiful song for the funeral scene. Why?

The song was originally to be performed by another group but they were more than we budgeted for. I kept thinking that Lily has a great voice and I’ll ask her. So I asked and she agreed and it worked out perfectly. Her voice is amazing and she was perfect for the role. We have received great feedback regarding that scene so it all works out for everyone involved.


Why do you and your wife support such great causes?

We love giving back because we have been fortunate and blessed with so much. We can’t take it with us so we decided that we would support worthy causes and help others as we have been supported and helped. It’s the way things should be.


I love Kevin Costner and you would also if you sat down with him to hear and feel his passion for helping others. Check out his website for his projects and latest happenings!


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