Dear Mona Scott Young: Why Do You Hate Black Women So Much?

Dear Mona Scott Young: Why Do You Hate Black Women So Much?
Mona Scott Young is an executive producer of the hit reality show, Love & Hip Hop.

By A Comeaux

In the wake of a national crisis, racial tensions and wars coming closer to home than we’re prepared to fight, there is a woman (you, Mona Scott Young) oblivious to her power to invoke change in media.

Mona, I’m not holding you independently responsible for the muck that is America at present. I am holding you responsible for the subpar depictions of young black women on television.

This reminds me of when we petitioned to get the basketball franchise into several seats far off the television. Now you come here with lack of love and no remnants of hip hop?

I have to admit I do not subscribe to your ideology that a ‘rapper’ and their multiple sex partners within your cast is one to uplift as if they’re role-models. Additionally, the light (darkness) you place young women in is disgraceful. You have aspiring singers and has-beens intermingled with a few Never-weres fighting for a spot in what industry? What talent? You display dressed up depression. You showcase lustful, disrespectful, talentless girls and boys for the attention of impressionable hopefuls as if your cast is by any means inspiring.

Not so.

Because they are donned in designer duds and flash a faux sense of importance they are placed on a pedestal? Not even in a dog show! I’ve seen canines with more class.

This comes on the stumble of your latest reunion show. I saw gowns, diamonds, perfect make-up and hair laid to the gawds. I saw your new nose. You were flashy yet tacky in attire that is far beneath your age.

Are they rubbing off on you? Is this life imitating art imitating life?

But this isn’t reality. This isn’t real or even a true depiction to aspire to.

The name-calling reminded me of a 5th grade recess break.

The level of maturity amongst you all was almost a joke until I realized you were serious. You were on camera and you gave America a show. Except, Mona, it’s a sad, sad, thing you’re doing here.

You have the attention of millions and you choose to show glorified stupidity.

Now you seek to do the same with black sororities?

Why do you hate black women so much?

You are a puppet played by powerful hand strings and for a few dollars you sell yourself, your sisters and their babies too.

I’m not a hater. I’m not jealous. I don’t want what you have.

If I had the power that you do, I would bring real talent to the screen with an empowering cast to ignite change through entertainment.

You, Mona, are predicating poison. I hope you and your cast get free from those powerful puppet masters by way of an awakening. But, ratings are high, so rock on.

Follow A Comeaux @KCOSpoke on Twitter.

Follow A Comeaux @KCOSpoke on Twitter.

Get your coins, mere change, that’ll never make sense.

I’m A Comeaux and I hope you find something else to exploit other than your own.
A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke.

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