Film Review: Christopher Nolen's 72 Hours

Nakita Whittaker

By Nakita Whittaker, Guest Contributor

In Christopher Nolen’s 72 Hours, a reformed womanizer, Von (Timon Kyle Durrett) becomes a family man with a baby on the way.

Life is good for Von until he collapses from a heart attack and comes face-to-face with God (Harry J. Lennix).

God gives Von 72 hours to atone to his ex-girlfriends, if he wants a second chance at life.

With the help of his best friend and the determination to live, Von starts the journey of seeking redemption from the women he wronged years ago. And things do not go smoothly. Christopher Nolen’s 72 Hours stars Timon Durrett, Terri J. Vaughn, Brely Evans, Erica Hubbard, Harry J. Lennix, Brian Hooks, Cynda Williams, Tangi Miller, Chyna Layne, and Thea Camara.

I felt as if I was watching my life play out on the big screen.

It was Ladies Night for me and the girls at last week’s director’s screening of Christopher Nolen’s 72 Hours at the Studio Movie Grill Chatham, and the film did not disappoint.  It was a romantic comedy that had some people scrolling through their phones to send “I’m Sorry” text messages to exes at the end of the film.

I compare this movie to  Malcolm Lee’s hit movies like “The Best Man 1 and 2,” because you have the beautiful all-star cast, a relatable story dialogue and powerful message!

Harry Lennix was amazing as “God,” Erica Hubbard was darling as always, and Brian Hooks was the classic funny guy. The leading man, Timon Kyle Durrett, is me.  I love him in this film; he’s a good guy who was blessed–and cursed–with good looks and charm.

I give this movie 5 stars! If you’re looking for the perfect movie to watch with your girls over a bottle of wine or a date movie to watch with that special someone, go see Christopher Nolen’s 72 Hours trust me, you’ll love it.

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