Deadbeat Dad Brags on Facebook and I Saw Red

Deadbeat Dad Brags on Facebook and I Saw Red
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By Nakita Nicci Whittaker

Fellas if you have kids with an ex who’s been more than reasonable with you, she doesn’t take you to court for child support–even though she should–and you only see your kids twice a year, (maybe), and you never help financially, consider it spitting in her face when you brag on Facebook about your money.

Let me explain.

I know a lot of great fathers. My sons’ stepdad is one of them–but it’s still a smack in the face to my son actually to see a recent post from his biological father that mentioned life was so good that he forgot it was payday. My son’s feelings were hurt and I saw red. I’m busting my behind to raise his child, and right now tuition is due.

Welp, I posted on Facebook about it.

Some people didn’t understand why I would address this personal matter on a social media network, but here’s how we are going to handle this. I’ve addressed my son’s biological dad prior to that post. It’s been 17 years of ZERO assistance and quite frankly I’ve been quiet long enough.

I’m tired of my son feeling a certain type of way because of the lack of love and attention he gets from his “sperm donor” and as a mother and a woman – I am tired.

People can post whatever they like on their page, I choose to post positive messages of love and inspiration daily, but it saddens my heart when the biological dad tell me and my child how he’s always suffering on hard times yet brags on Facebook about how he forgot he got paid because life is that good. His son just asked his biological dad for money towards school fees, and that was a no-go.

He is not a good father. It is what it is. But I do not have to bite my tongue when his Facebook bragging invades my timeline and upsets his son.

Perhaps if more do-it-all mothers exposed this awfulness, the dads would step up; or at least stop all the Facebook bragging.
Nakita Whittaker

Nakita is a Communications Specialist.
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