5 Lessons My Cats Taught Me About Love

5 Lessons My Cats Taught Me About Love
Photo by Ferran Jorda via Creative Commons.

By Dawgelene (Dr. Dawj) Sangster

There are lessons to be learned in every situation. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, you can learn something from the cat’s meow.

I have loved cats my whole life and at one point, had about 12 cats around the house. It was something in the way they greeted me when I came home, that gave me a sense of acceptance, love, and a caring feeling. 

They played, purred, ate, slept, and were true friends, in my opinion. As the years passed, I didn’t keep as many cats, but there were a few that had remained into adulthood, and a few new kitties on the block. Last year, my 12-year-old calico, seemed to be losing weight, then one day, I noticed that she wouldn’t eat her food. She had her moments of being a finicky eater, so I didn’t really count it as too bad for one day. That same week, she disappeared. Now some might say this would not be too bad or odd for an outdoor cat to disappear for a day or two, but she was an indoor cat. The search was on for her. We looked high and low for her, but could not find her anywhere. After two days, I was extremely worried. I don’t think anyone was as worried as I was, because everyone seemed to brush it off except me.

Three days passed and I was in desperation mode. I just wanted to find my precious little kitty. I would tap on walls; walk from top to bottom searching for her, just trying to hear some sort of movement. As we approached the fourth day, my heart began to ache for her. How could something so precious be lost in plain sight?

As I sat at the bottom of my basement stairs praying and crying, I heard a faint meow in the midst of my sobs and it sounded really weak. I called her name frantically, and I could hear a few faint meows, then they faded. As I walked through the basement, I found her! She was stuck between some drywall that she should never have been able to get to, but she was also very sick and weak. It was time for pet mommy to come the rescue. It was during the day, so I hopped in my car and took her to the vet. A diagnosis and test said that she had a 30% chance of survival due to a uterine infection that was eating away at her insides!  I gambled with the 30% and WON! She made it through surgery and is doing extremely well now.

My story had a happy ending, but where is the lesson in this story? I am a firm believer that we all can learn from any situation or event. I learned 5 lessons from the story: love, persistence, listening, action, and chances.

1. Love Lesson– What love do you have for others? Having a true love for others means being selfless and honestly caring about how someone feels, where they are, what they are doing, and if they are okay.

2. Persistence Lesson– Are you persistent when checking on the status your loved ones? Having persistence when it comes to others means that you will keep them at the front of your mind, you will check on them, and you will pray for the best in them to come out. If you can’t find or reach them mentally, you will continue to search.

3. Listening Lesson– Do you truly listen when those you care about are speaking? Sometimes, people we know and love are hurting and dying on the inside. We oftentimes hear it, but then we don’t hear it because we don’t want to be bothered with the same old thing. Learn to develop a real listening ear and heart so you can really hear those faint cries when they are weak.

4. Action Lesson– Do you take action when you know there is something wrong? Sometimes, we know there is something wrong, yet we do nothing to help change things. I am not telling you to jump every time you know something is going on, because you will burn yourself out doing that. But when you can help bring change with your positive actions and you are led to do it, be you willing to yield.

Follow Dr. Dawj on Twitter @Dawgelene

Follow Dr. Dawj on Twitter @Dawgelene

5. Chance Lesson– Are you willing to take chances? As in the case with my kitty, I gambled with it, but it was worth it. Sometimes, we will be faced with situations where we will need to gamble against low odds, but it will be worth it if we believe in possibilities. Take the chance on winning.

Stay Fabulous!

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