Watch: Man Cries After Volunteers Decorate His Home

Watch: Man Cries After Volunteers Decorate His Home
Photo by Zondra Hughes.

For four muggy, muddy days we trekked across several states (from Georgia to Ohio) to find good deals to do a good deed. In the end, a grown man cried tears of joy.

GMC’s Hidden Treasure Adventure dispatched two teams of bloggers and DIYers on the World’s Longest Yard Sale. The mission? To find items to decorate two Ohio-area Habitat for Humanity homes.

Here’s the awesome catch: The homeowners knew they were attending a ribbon-cutting ceremony to Christian their homes, but they did NOT know that the homes were decorated. In the video, GM Foundation president Vivian Pickard shows the family her interior design, and the father cries. Take a look at this homeowner’s awesome response.

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