Lust is a Battlefield

Lust is a Battlefield
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By A Comeaux

Tell me when or what rap song or R&B crooner gave men the OK to toy around with a woman’s heart?

Our bodies are said to be a playground but that never meant for men to come swing on our emotions and monkey around with our hearts.

When we slip, there’s no Astro-turf on the ground to break our fall. Why, men, must you play these serious mind games? When you want a freak, and we show you our moves fit for a porn star, why do you judge us?

Why question our worth because you think we’re slutty? You asked for the very thing you’re ridiculing us for. Or here’s my favorite: When we’re ‘prude’ and try to ration our inner-freak, you slip and sex a loose woman because we weren’t satisfying your fetish.

Confusing, right?

When a man wants something, he usually knows how to get it. And he will have the material things to compensate for what he lacks. You may not need to have a great conversation if you have a condo in a high-rise. Maybe your lack of personality is overlooked because you provide special occasion dining ‘just because’ on a regular Wednesday night.

A part of me feels like a lot of this has nothing to do with money at all. We forgive your flaws because we, too, are flawed. We want the same compassion that we extend. We have the jewel you are to cherish but yet we collect the most bruises in this battlefield of love in our pursuit.

What if we stopped caring? What if we took you in and spit you out with little to no regard for your feelings? How about if we compared you to celebrities, their bodies, their bank accounts and the younger men that gave us nights to remember? How would you feel if we used your bodies for our selfish pleasure and threw you to our girls to compare notes later? We have that capacity to do that. We can give in to lust at its relentless whim and take as many lovers as our bodies can hold and do it again in the morning.

Do you want that?

What if, after all these broken hearts and wounded parts, the good girls give up and choose lust over love?

I’m an advocate for people doing what’s true to them. I trust myself to do as I please without giving much regard to what ‘people’ say; in turn, I don’t expect to be always understood. I do, however, expect love to be reciprocated when it’s given.

I know the side of lust that is relentless in its hunger, just as I know love is relentless in its forgiveness.

I’m A Comeaux and while I admit lust is a battlefield, love is a war and I’m a soldier.
A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke.

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