8 Tips for Pretty Hands and Softer Feet

8 Tips for Pretty Hands and Softer Feet
Here are some tips to get pretty hands and softer feet at home. Photo: Zaykivi

By Shameeka Hunt

Summer means manicures and pedicures more often; but why not treat your hands and feet all year round?  There are some reasons why:

Relaxation.  Having someone massaging your hands and feet, exfoliate dead skin, and moisturize, is very relaxing, to say the least.  A good manicure and pedicure can relieve stress and can be therapeutic.  You deserve it.  So take a little time for yourself and be served.

Presentation.  There is nothing worse than shaking someone’s hands and not having clean and presentable hands and fingernails.  This is your first impression – make it the best!  My mom always reinforced the importance of keeping your hands nice.  For your feet, please keep the polish nice.  It does not look nice when you have chipped toe polish.

Follow Six Brown Chicks correspondent Shameeka @KeepMeTight

Follow Six Brown Chicks correspondent Shameeka @KeepMeTight

It’s Healthy!  There are health reasons for getting manicures and pedicures – Detect early signs of corns, bunions and fungal infections; improve the moisture and integrity of the hands and feet; removal of dead skin and cuticles encourages new cell growth for smoother and more attractive hands and feet; and massaging helps promote blood circulation.

If you do not have the time or resources to visit the nail salon regularly (at least every two weeks), you can do things at home to achieve desired results

        1. Shape your nails and toenails with a file; nails should be shaped evenly.

2. Invest in a paraffin wax machine – then you can moisturize not only your hands and feet but other parts of your body – any Day!

3. Buy some all natural nail polish and paint your own toes; or have a girls’ night in and you and your girlfriends can paint each other’s nails.  Spa party, love it!

4. Lotion your hands after every hand wash

5. After showering, moisturize your hands and feet using all-natural coconut oil

6. Before going to bed moisturize your feet and slip on cotton socks.  This will moisturize your feet and you will awake to soft feet

7. Purchase a cuticle clipper to remove hangnails

8. Purchase a loofah sponge to remove dead skin

Let’s rock it and show our hands and feet some love.

Shameeka Hunt, a Maryland resident,is the Creator and CEO of KeepMeTight. KeepMeTight is a company that is coined for its Hour Glas undergarment that can be worn all day and flattens abs, provides back support, and promotes better posture.Follow her on Twitter at @KeepMeTight.

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