Tales of Disrespect: When Your Best Friend Disappears

 Tales of Disrespect: When Your Best Friend Disappears
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By Courtney Waldon

“Did she just…? No she didn’t!”

These are phrases we use when someone has crossed a line or disrespected us. How do you handle the feeling, especially when it’s a close friend?

Let me tell you my story, I’ll try to keep it brief. Let’s call my friend Veronica. Veronica and I have been friends since kindergarten, like peas and carrots, like Forrest and Jenny. Fast forward to one year ago, her birthday party. She invited family, friends and her new boo.

The table began to engage in conversation, and Veronica asked me to retell a funny story that involved her and me on one of our days out. I recalled it, and I should also mention that funniest part of the story was that we were lost in Gary, Indiana, were stuck at a gas station and had been approached by someone selling pit bull puppies, fragrance oil and incense, all within three minutes.

We found it hilarious, and even funnier (to us) because her boyfriend was from there and we always teased him about how you could buy anything there if you just waited on the right corner. Well again we had a good laugh at the table about it, and even her boyfriend laughed! I left the party with my husband, and told her I would call her the next day. I didn’t hear from Veronica for over a month.

She called me and explained that she was offended by my retelling of the story, and that her boyfriend was offended as well!

I admit that I was taken aback by this because SHE told me to share it with the group in the first place.

Secondly, if something had bothered her to that degree why not communicate that with me instead of harboring resentment? I felt that she had disrespected me and our friendship. I was at work when I received her phone call and let her know that I did want to talk about it and would call her when I got off work. I called and got no answer. Text her, no response. Fast forward to a year later, still no communication. Does it hurt? Yes. Do I miss my friend? Of course!

I wanted to share this story in particular because sometimes there is no resolution. You may feel disrespected and want to address the person in order to communicate your feelings entirely and they are not open. It happens. The best thing you can do is know that you tried your best, and release it. I hope this helps you.

Courtney Waldon is a freelance makeup artist from Chicago, IL. Her clients include True Star magazine, Soul Salon Spa Chicago, Playboy Golf, and recording artist Twista. Follow her on Twitter: @Court_The_Mua

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