Do NOT Launch a Business with Friends! Here's Why

Do NOT Launch a Business with Friends! Here's Why
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By Shemeka Michelle

The Sweetest Revenge

Most of the time I’m very blunt and straight to the point.

Even when I ponder my thoughts and really think before I speak, I’m just not good at sugarcoating. Those who know me understand that, unless I’m angry, I speak with all sincerity even if the truth stings. For this reason, I was sure that when I decided to start a blog dedicated to real, unhidden conversations, asking those I considered my closest friends to join me was a no-brainer.

I expressed my vision to each of them and we were all excited! However, to cut to the chase, that decision was definitely one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made.

It was very clear early on that drawing the line between friendship and business would be more difficult than I thought. Unfortunately my desire to include them outweighed my inner voice and several outer voices that kept telling me it was a bad idea. The disrespect began when it started to appear that they didn’t take my vision seriously. Late or missed blogs came with excuses such as “I had a headache,”“I didn’t have anything to talk about,” or simply “I forgot.”

Because this was my vision, I continued to write; exposing my deepest feelings and staying true to the mission of The Naked Girlz.

Suddenly, instead of receiving blogs, I began to get resignation letters.

In them I was criticized for my writing style and being too open. I was irritated to say the least because my vision had always been clear and the name itself signified exposure!

For me, my vision is my baby and to flippantly mishandle it was blatant disrespect.

How was I to deal with this punch to the gut?

There were only two choices: I could let my vision die or channel Destiny’s Child; replace, downsize and keep it moving like they never existed! I chose the latter.

I chose to believe in myself and stay focused.

Like Destiny’s Child I’m a Survivor and I must say…now that they’re off of my blog, it’s doing better!

I will keep pressing forward and I definitely won’t give up.

When people try to set you up for failure, sometimes success is the sweetest revenge!

About Shemeka Michelle: “I was that chick. Gave it all up, all of it. I put all my eggs in one basket. Didn’t have a plan B ‘cause I believed in plan A. Then one day, all of it came to an end. All I could do was take it. I’m a survivor with three kids I HAD to make it! So instead of dying from pain and hiding in shame, I’ve decided to get NAKED.”

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