Behold, the Good Girl is Dead.

Behold, the Good Girl is Dead.
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By Sylvia Snowden

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West mean absolutely nothing to me. No disrespect or anything, it’s just that in the grand scheme of my life, they’re of no consequence. So when I heard they were finally getting married, I didn’t care (not even a little). But one day, my girlfriends asked me to think about what the Kardashian/West union really meant. My initial thought was “hours and hours of mindless television coverage.” But then, I thought a little deeper, and that’s when it hit me–something about them getting married flat-out disturbed me.

I’d been trying to ignore it for a while but, with their wedding I found that this thing could no longer be denied. A wedding between millionaire bachelor Kanye West to a two-time divorcee whose claim to fame is busting down a B-list rapper multiple times on tape officially means the death of the “good girl.”

Growing up, I heard over and over again how essential being a “good girl” was if you were serious about getting married.
“Keep your numbers low,” I used to hear “heck, lie, if you have to,” just don’t let him suspect that you get around.
I also learned that apparently, men entertain women who’ve had a lot of sexual partners, for entertainment’s sake, but they would never really seriously consider marrying such a girl.

Well, Kimme K certainly blew that one out of the water didn’t she?!?! She’s on husband number three— two of her three husbands proposed after the sex tape’s release—while many women out there with absolutely no sex tape can’t seem to land husband number one.
And I wish I could just brush this off as some Hollywood, unrealistic fluke, but let’s face facts, Kim’s not that unique.
Think about it.

That super slutty girl from your high school, she’s a soccer mom now, isn’t she?
And what about that sorority girl in undergrad? You know, the one who was an undercover porn-star, (or perhaps she was a stripper at your school) she’s been happily married for years now, hasn’t she? Then there are the “good” girls, the ones who’d never admit to having more partners than fingers, who couldn’t even fathom having sex on a first date, heck, the ones who won’t even kiss you until at least the third date.

They’re still sitting around, hoping the phone will ring.
So what’s a good girl to do? It appears she’s lost her luster. Millionaires and regular guys alike both want to marry Kim Kardashian (or at least girl who openly enjoys doing Kim Kardashian-esque things).

I had a male friend tell me the key to securing a husband was to “loosen up;” he suggested that I let men know upfront of their chances of sleeping with me between the first and third dates were pretty excellent. I acknowledge, I laughed in his face at the time and called his advice “absurd.”
I also told him that no self-respecting man would take a woman who did such a thing seriously. I mean, what meaningful relationship could come from such behavior? But now, I’m thinking I may owe him an apology. Maybe he was onto something.

Perhaps good girls need to be like Rhianna and go bad. Really bad.
Tell your date you’re not wearing any panties, bad.

Follow our GOOD GIRL Sylvia on Twitter @TrulySylvia

Follow our GOOD GIRL Sylvia on Twitter @TrulySylvia

Heck, make your own sex tape, throw it on Youtube and leave your phone number in the description along with the caption “Take that Kim K!,” bad.
Ok, perhaps that last example was a little extreme but, in the Natural Selection cycle of love and marriage, good girls seem to be heading towards extinction.
Now, I’ll be honest, I rock with team good girl for as long as I live and I really encourage you to do the same, but if Kim Kardashian’s marriage teaches us anything, it’s that we’d better learn some new tricks or something because the rules to the game have CLEARLY changed.
Sylvia Snowden is a fabulous Chicago-based journalist and the President of Always Onyx. Follow Sylvia on Twitter @TrulySylvia
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