“HELP! My Husband is Bisexual”

“HELP! My Husband is Bisexual”
Help! My Husband is Bisexual. Photo posed by models; Alibanya cafe.

By A Comeaux

Oh the summer secrets and inbox tales… In true A Comeaux fashion I obliged a great debate on twitter regarding sexual fluidity.

I understand the attraction of one human to another and when we’re open, that barrier of a gender line is blurred. A woman can find another attractive without being a lesbian, without it being sexual. Even so, this attraction can in fact be sexual and the woman not acting out on it is a sign of her preference.

Case in point, when women post other women as their #WCW (women crush Wednesday) it doesn’t mean they want to naked wrestle. And it also doesn’t mean they don’t. And that’s okay!

During this digital dialogue I was attacked, made mockery of and questioned heavily on my own beliefs and preferences.

As always with anything, I said ‘I do what I want’… Fill in the blank.

But one woman who follows me asked me a series of peculiar questions amidst what I’d supposed was an intervention on my sexuality… It was far deeper than the depths of my passions.

This woman is dealing with the admission of her husband’s bisexuality. When insult isn’t enough, injury lies in wait.

She sent a direct message with the details of her matrimony; how they’d experienced wild nights with raunchy partners, how they’d take exotic trips with questionable drugs in foreign exchanges. They were fluid, but always together.

One sharing a partner with the other in fetishes galore with no mention of it tomorrow. No written rules. No questions. No boundaries.

She told me they simply go with the flow. Until now.

She’s not invited to this party. The conquest is a man. Her husband is bisexual now and wants her to bless his new exploration, without her.  He doesn’t want a divorce. He loves her. He wants to do this for himself. Personally, I feel he’ll go about his affairs with or without her consent. This may just be the obligatory heads-up.

Follow A Comeaux @KCOSpoke on Twitter.

Follow A Comeaux @KCOSpoke on Twitter.

She asked me did I think she brought this on herself. Did she introduce him to bisexuality? Did she spark a flame that set a bigger fire than she could extinguish?

Too late for the blame game. At this point all she can do is deal. I simply told her to let him live his truth. That’s all we all want…

I’m A Comeaux and I approve being your #WCW … Live your truth, Boo!

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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