Good Loving Can Make You Fat! 5 Ways to Stay Fit

Good Loving Can Make You Fat! 5 Ways to Stay Fit
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The Dating Dozen – Incorporate Healthy Eating & Lifestyle to Stay FIT

By Tania Brown

Being in love is so grand. And, having someone to genuinely support your dreams is amazing. In the midst of the Pepe Le Pew moments and star gazing, it’s very easy to get comfortable with your new love interest and newfound happiness. We’ve all heard of the Freshman Fifteen, but have you ever heard of the Dating Dozen? I hadn’t heard of it either until I starting reading a few articles this week about healthy eating and lifestyle. I recently lost about 30 pounds with exercise and changing my eating habits.

Some of you may have recently started dating or tied the knot.  When we’re in relationships and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, it’s not uncommon to pack on a few pounds here and there.

The key is to not just let yourself “go.”  Women are much more likely to gain weight than men in relationships (or any situation for that matter. Maybe I’m just talking about myself here but I know some of my sisters will agree). Guys tend to lose weight quicker than us. Yes, it’s so unfair, but it’s just the way we’re wired.  So, while you admire each other over a gourmet cupcake, keep that in mind.

Try these things as a couple to keep yourself on track and have a great time while doing it:

1. Couples fitness is so much fun. Try working together at the gym as a team. It’s great for bonding and you all can use this time to unwind from the day as well.

2. Be accountability partners. Check on each other throughout the day to see what the other person had for lunch or for a snack. Try to carve out a meal plan you both can follow and stick to it. Encourage each other when things get tough.

3. Cook healthy meals together or sign up for a healthy cooking class in your area. Get a cookbook of healthy recipes and go for it. Learn new ways to make the foods you love healthier and enjoy learning with each other.

4. Go on activity dates. So, instead of the traditional dinner and a movie, try indoor rock climbing or mini-golf. Go on brisk walks in the park where the only thing on the menu is a bottle of water.

5. Limit your alcohol intake while on dates. Surely you can have a great time without having five glasses of sangria. Alcohol can pack on about 400 calories really quickly and since I know we’re not drinking just one glass of wine, you do the math.

No one wants to wake up in five years and look like two totally different people than you did when you first met unless, of course you’re healthier than you were when you first met.

In all things, especially health and wellness, encourage each other to be better people.

You can do it! Be happy, healthy and in love! 

Tania Brown is the creator and editor of and former Digital Media Lead for Obama 2012 in Alabama. Follow Tania on Twitter @TaNicoleB and @BougiePolitics.

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