5 Things I'll Tell You In Case Your Mother Didn't

5 Things I'll Tell You In Case Your Mother Didn't
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By Nicole Harding

I pride myself on being a modern woman, good mother and wife.

Bring home some bacon and fix the icemaker without breaking a sweat. LOL.

I also love to learn and I know that while I may be great at some things, I have plenty of new knowledge to gain.  With that in mind I am always open to getting and giving advice from other women.

BUT….yep, there is a but, some things well, require a foundation.

Some situations are not even worthy of advice. They are things that, damn it, your mother should have told you! You should not have made it out the house without this info. These are things that make my eyebrows and blood pressure go up.  There are many chapters to this book of tidbits but these are my top five and in no particular order.

5 Things I’ll Tell You In Case Your Mother Didn’t

1.       If he didn’t take care of the kids he has with another woman….why would you think he will take care of yours? (Come on ladies; no need to discuss this over drinks.)

2.       You should not look better than your children. Fo’ real! No need to elaborate. It’s simple. How can you be club ready and your baby girl is getting notes home from school. The end!

3.       An “F” in every class does not mean your child’s teacher is prejudiced. It means no studying took place. That is all. Next!

4.       If hair is sticking through your nylons it is time for a razor or a wax. And nylons? Are we still wearing these? Really?

5.       Speaking of pantyhose….there is a distinct difference between leggings and tights. Know this difference and use the info religiously.

Over and over and in multiple variations these and other issues come up. I am bewildered, baffled even about how some grown women missed these basics. Or, even better, know the basics but only apply them to others, and not to themselves.

I tell them, girl, let me see what chapter that is in. The book? Whatcha mother should’ve told ya! Real talk!

Nicole Harding is an expert in leadership development, a wife and mother, who is focused on spreading positivity, one conversation, one home project, and one dynamite deal at a time. Follow her on Twitter @RealTalkNic

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