The List: Top 6 Tips to Choose a Mentor

The List: Top 6 Tips to Choose a Mentor
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There’s MONEY in having a MENTOR

By Dawniel Winningham

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a 9 -to- 5 executive there is definitely an obvious benefit to having a mentor.  A mentor is simply someone who has ALREADY done what you are trying to do and therefore may be able to provide you with help so that you don’t make some of the mistakes that they have made in the past.

While this does not guarantee that you will walk through life “mistake free” it does put you light years ahead of the learning curve by giving you some real life help about what works and what does not!

Selecting a mentor is as simple as asking! Most people are so honored that you have pin pointed them as someone who will be a benefit to their lives, that they will happily assist you.  CHOOSING a mentor however is slightly more difficult:

1. Choose someone that has the life and/or business that you want to have – For example, if you are a corporate employee looking to advance choose someone who has already advanced to that level.

2. Decide WHY you are in need of a mentor – This make a difference in whom you choose as a mentor. For example if you need a mentor for industry advice it can be anyone, however if you need a mentor for next level advancement, it may help you to choose someone with a similar background as yourself as they would have experienced similar challenges and can help you navigate your way to the top.

3. Determine what you would like to learn from them – This makes the difference as to if you choose someone who is more like you, or if you choose someone who is the opposite. For example if you are an introvert, you may choose an extrovert in order to use that mentor to help develop your outward communication with people.

4. Tell them why you are selecting them – Don’t be afraid to shower them with flattery, as long as it is true. For example, if you admire their sharp business mind or negotiating skills, tell them. This will also help them understand what they are teaching you within this relationship.

5. Understand the level of your own commitment – While a mentor is HELP, don’t expect them to drive the relationship. After all, they have what THEY want and if you want it too, you had best make sure that you schedule regular meetings, take precise notes, and implement the advice that they give you!

6. Be careful, a mentor is NOT a coach. While a mentor CAN and WILL provide you with information about what NOT to do or what did NOT work for them, a Coach will help you with the day to day execution of that advice!

In the absence of a living breathing mentor, there are tons of tools and resources you can use to get a jump start on living a better life. You can increase the number of books that you read on personal development. Books make an excellent mentor (although the two-way communication is missing).

You can also find successful people and attend conferences, webinars, and other opportunities to receive information. Remember always KNOWLEDGE is universal and money has NO COLOR. If someone is teaching and you truly want to get to the next level, pull up a chair, get out a notebook, and do what you can to take SOMETHING away to execute.

Happy Mentoring!

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Dawniel can be found on twitter @wealthspeaker Dawniel Patterson Winningham is a Vice President for a Fortune 10 firm, Master Life and Business Coach, International Speaker, Award Winning Author and Founder of Wealthy Sisters Network and National Day of Sisterhood. Find out more at @wealthysisters Follow her on Facebook at Dawniel Patterson Winningham

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