It's Just Sex, Right? Quit Lying.

It's Just Sex, Right? Quit Lying.
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By A Comeaux

I saw a tweet that notified the laden lonely lovers in lack that ‘Cuffing Season’ is now over… Now, I, myself was not amongst the luckily cuffed (chosen, dated, ‘go together’, linked up) but that was by mere choice of opportunity. I chose not to create the opportunity… *insert side eye

While in the company of a male socialite the topic of dating, romance and sex popped up. Now things were heating up! At the time, I’d confessed why I’d been celibate and ultimately dateless in Chicago. Without as much of a blink he replied, ‘I don’t know why, it’s just sex.’ I gasped because this came after my heartfelt monologue on me collecting my parts: my heart, my mind, body and soul all being on one accord when I offer myself in any capacity to a lover. You’ve heard this and I mean this and will not settle for anything less. If I do, I know how to recover, I digress. JUST SEX?!?!

When did intimacy get deduced to ‘just sex’…? Are these the new dating rules? Oh I forgot. The new rule is that there aren’t any rules! So it’s every man is for themselves in a game where the only winner is the one who gets what they want without having to give anything… Women are feeling ‘empowered’ when they chant, ‘I have needs and I want to hit and quit too’… LIES. Somewhere before you settled you wanted love and by default you went with the majority.

Yes, sex is natural. Sure we all have cravings, urges and need intimate attention. Yet I find it disheartening that we can’t have a standard without being considered prude. What happened to self-control? Now I’m no pot calling the kettles black. I’ve lost myself in a rage of lust once or four times, but I don’t live by that excuse. I don’t act irresponsibly with someone’s body or heart then turn to say, ‘it’s just sex.’ I know the power of the P. Both males and females hold a certain power, a certain energy that we must take responsibility for and not dismiss its glory to just a ‘thing’… It’s so much better than that when it means more than nude wrestling.

I’m A Comeaux and I declare I’m more than just sex!

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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