When Being Desperate is a GOOD Thing

When Being Desperate is a GOOD Thing
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A Healthy Dose of Desperation

By A Comeaux

There’s something in the air. Not the brisk, frigid breeze that is our winter, but a surreal notion I can’t easily explain…

Looking at my life: where I’ve been, why I’m back and where exactly am I going, I immediately felt desperate. I shunned this sense of defeat, as desperation is oft deemed as losing. Then I looked at others who I’ve come to adore, admire or who are where I want to be. I researched their beginnings. I studied their business moves and connected dots to paint their present picture. I found despair. I found sacrifice. I found a relentless hunger that only the goal would feed.

Today, we are in an economy with displaced workers, crime at all-time highs and disenfranchised youth in an uproar of turmoil. When someone gets desperate, they go outside of their comfort and resort to the drastic end of ration. This extreme is powerful. This extreme is the same motivation behind a severance package being used as the down payment on a life-long dream. This extreme is the force putting a destitute man behind a gun. I understand desperation because it causes an action for a NOW or NEVER need. Desperation causes nothing to matter other than this moment, because you need ‘this’ and options are none.

What are you hungry for? What fuels you? Where is your passion?

Ask an entrepreneur. Ask a teacher. Talk to a college student working full time. Talk a man who’s lost his job with limited resources. Listen to a teen when they say they’re hungry. Desperation can and should be used as a springboard to productivity. Action! It shows us who we really are when we have nothing to fall on. It shows us if we’re creative or if we’re complacent. When you get to a point where ‘here’ needs to be ‘there’ you will move like lightning! You’ll pull together those things money couldn’t afford anyway: perseverance, ambition, determination, endurance and wit. You’ll succeed because being desperate is more powerful than pride; more powerful than discouragement. You can’t talk yourself out of your dream when you have nothing but that dream left.

As I move out of a place of comfort into an unknown realm, I’m certain I was born for this. How? Simply because I’ve done what was ‘supposed’ to be done and my soul knows better.

I’m A Comeaux and I’m desperate to live my vision board.

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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