Top 10 Celebrity Beauty Tips

Top 10 Celebrity Beauty Tips
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By A Beauty School Scarlet

10 Secret and Not So Secret Beauty Tips

Chicks have you always wanted to know the insider beauty secrets on how these celebrities look so fab all the time? Well, wonder no more! Here are some of the best-kept beauty secrets in the industry!

1. Good Hair Don’t Care: After you wash your hair, instead of using a towel, use a cotton t-shirt. A towel absorbs moisture, the little loops in the towel pull the hair out and when you rub it dry, it causes friction which in turn causes frizziness! And who wants dry, broken frizzy hair?

2. Pretty Brown Eyes: To help your shadow last longer and to prevent creasing use a shadow primer. It will help the color pop and give your shadow life!

3. Bags be Gone: If you put your eye cream/gel or roller ball in the fridge, it helps to de-puff the eyes faster. Say bye-bye to puffy swollen eyes!

4. Sensual Scents: To make your fragrance last longer, dab on a little Vaseline on the pulse points before you spray your perfume. Perfume fades on dry skin faster; make the scent linger and last longer!

5. Pucker up: To get the look of a fuller pout, use a clear gloss in the center of the bottom lip on top of your lipstick or colored gloss.

6. Lip Saver: If your lipstick breaks or you have used it all, scoop out the remainder into a pillbox and apply it with a lip brush.

7. Hydration Nation: To combat dry skin during the winter months, layer on a dry oil to your body cream or lotion. Dry oils absorb into the skin without leaving it greasy.

8. Sweet Smelling Feet: If your feet get sweaty or stinky, use deodorant on the bottom to keep them dry! Yes, that’s right, deodorant is not just for keeping your underarms dry and smelling fresh, it is also for feet too!

9. Get Your Glow On: Want that sun kissed look? Use a liquid bronzer on your body to give your skin that beautiful bronzed always on vacation tan.

10. Oily Face Blues: Did you know that if your skin is oily you could blot it with a toilet seat cover? I know, it sounds crazy but the paper is made out of the same material as the blotting papers you purchase at the beauty counter. If you are a little leery using those, try a paper napkin, it is not the same but it helps the shine and keeps you from looking like an oil slick!

Now that you are in the know, don’t be selfish! Share these best-kept beauty secrets with your chicks!

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