Education: 12 Benefits of Home-Schooling

Education: 12 Benefits of Home-Schooling
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By Toni J. Spearman

HOME-Schooling: I have been afforded the incredible opportunity to homeschool two very bright young people, my 12-year-old son and my 14-year-old daughter.

At the beginning of the school year I saw warning signs that my son was having difficulties again in his learning and study habits. I knew he was a smart kid but he was not making the proper connections. Last year his teachers expressed concern about his reading level and his overall test scores. I had two choices, 1). Watch him struggle and hope for the best, or 2). Do something about it. I chose to withdraw him from public school and teach him myself.

Although my daughter is smart as a whip, I decided to bring her into the home-school environment as well.

There are days when I am stretched beyond my comfort zone, while I’m teaching my children things I did not learn in school as a child. Many nights I am burning the midnight oil researching, reading and printing everything I can in order to enhance their learning experience.

It’s challenging and rewarding at the same time. I’m very grateful for this era of technology where so much information is available in so many formats. I still like taking trips to the library and checking out books, the old fashioned way as much as I enjoy e-learning through limitless resources on the internet. I’ve taken my children on field trips to science museums, art museums, the wildlife preserve and an awesome aquarium exhibit in Oklahoma. Teaching and learning has never been more fulfilling.

But the benefits of homeschooling are so much deeper.

I have been able to share with my children the rich history of our African American culture. We are blessed to not only study black history during the traditional month of February, but we study black pioneers that have contributed to our American culture, all year long. I incorporate black history into our everyday curriculum which inspires my children to embrace their affluent culture and vow to make positive changes in our society. The following are also advantages of homeschooling:

  1. ·       Quality one on one time with your children
  2. ·       You get to select the curriculum, so you know exactly what your children are learning
  3. ·       YOU learn new and exciting things too
  4. ·       It’s FREE and/or affordable 
  5. ·       You get to set your own hours
  6. ·       You get to provide delicious and nutritious meals (kids are always complaining about school lunches)
  7. ·       The learning environment can be inside the house, outside on the patio, the park, the library, etc.
  8. ·       It can take place any time of the day
  9. ·       You are free to explore your child’s individual interests and tailor lessons accordingly
  10. ·       The educational field trips and learning adventures are limitless
  11. ·       You’re able to incorporate family and religious values into the learning process
  12. ·       The intimate and very active part you play in your child’s education is priceless


So at the end of the day, I am grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity to teach two of the most gifted and brilliant African American children in the world. And by the way, my son tested above grade level on his last exam!

Toni J. Spearman is an author, (2 Faces of a Preacher’s Wife) is available now, editor and Life Coach in West Texas. Follow her on Twitter at ToniSpearman1

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