Are Your Fashions Keeping You Poor? Learn the 5 Paths to Wealth

Are Your Fashions Keeping You Poor? Learn the 5 Paths to Wealth
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Are There Dollars in your Designer Purse?

By Dawniel Winningham

Women, Sisters, and Girlfriends this is a wake up call for each of us!
It is past time for us to face our finances before we face our fashion!

Don’t get me wrong, I love red bottoms just like the next chick, and my closet is packed to overflowing with shoes and purses from retail therapy long since passed, BUT I had to wake up. As a coach, when I wake up, I asked the others around me to do the same.

Somewhere along the way it became ok for us to spend more money on our shoes than we do on building our lives and taking our businesses to the next level. Somewhere down the line we lost the importance of money in the bank and under the mattress and chose instead to leave our money at the mall! It’s not all of us by any means, so if this is NOT you, then pass this article along.
However, in my business as a coach I am constantly running into women who spend more each month on their cable bill than they do on their future! Time for a change, wouldn’t you agree?
Why change?
Women do 2/3 of the world’s work, but only hold 10% of the world’s wealthy and 1% of the world’s land. Also 83% of the people in poverty are women. I can tell you first-hand after experiencing divorce on the tail end of a 16-year marriage that many of us are only a few paychecks away from poverty. It doesn’t have to be divorce that lands us there. It could just as easily be job loss or a lost source of income. Heaven forbid, but it could be a long-term illness of our family members or us that could lead to poverty. Think to yourself how long could you make it if something went wrong? This is not being negative, this is LIFE.
What can you do?

1. Face your finances daily – that’s what millionaires do. Start your day knowing where your money is going.

2. Pay yourself first – Before you shop or do anything else, put some money to the side for a rainy day. Remember it is always raining somewhere in the world.

3. Challenge your earnings – Women make on average of 75% of what men make performing the same job. Understand your worth and be willing to charge the world for it.

4. Associate with LIKE MINDED people – You ARE who you hang with. If the perfect girls day for your clique is going to the mall and spending money you don’t have, then find another group, or at least avoid them on that day.

5. Make the right choices – I said the other day on a conference call I am not willing to eat cat food when I am 80 in order to carry the newest phone NOW.

Life is full of choices and if we are blessed enough to keep living it the choices that we make NOW will stay with us later. We MUST choose wisely; If not for ourselves, then definitely for those to whom we care for in the world. Stay tuned for more articles on how YOU can build the life YOU want now while building WEALTH for the generations to come.
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