Date the Guy that Lives with Wife; Snub Him if He Lives With Mom?

Date the Guy that Lives with Wife; Snub Him if He Lives With Mom?
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 By A Comeaux

I was minding my menial manners on Twitter the other day when I noticed an influx of tweets about what women will and will not tolerate from today’s man.

The banter carried on and on about the rules of engagement about everything from who pays for travel for out-of-state hook-ups to how many kids are too many to date a single man.

The responses ranged from desperate women’s low standards to the debilitating demeanor of ‘I don’t need no man if he doesn’t fit my list…’ and, oh, it was ugly!

Until a few Tweets gave my mischief the kiss of life! “It’s funny how you women won’t date a man who lives with his Mother will surely date a man who lives with his WIFE!”

*drops mic

The pearls were clutched and the silence from the abrupt gasp that a cyber-honey like myself knows all too well was louder than a bomb! Honey listen… If you know of a grown, working man living with his mother I’m sure you’ve side-eyed him and his life’s goals.

Women eat this topic up and spit it out like a bad word in road rage.

Personally, I look at the whole picture. I understand living with one’s parents can be a point of transition, there could be a desired ambition or even to help out the parent itself.

There are reasons adults end up back home.

And there is hope they return to their abode as well. Well… this group shows no mercy to the live at the parent’s home bachelor. Yet, a married man with wife in his bed and a hot meal on the stove can get away with being a Casanova? But wait. I was told, ‘he lives with his mama? I can’t even go home with him!’… But. You can’t go home with the married guy either, so….?

Listen, I know the market is over-saturated and the odds may be against us, but ladies, let’s look at the scope of things before we dismiss someone ‘living at the parent’s home’ in favor of a man with a wife ‘at home’… Feel me? That man living at home with mom has a greater chance of getting out than the one you’re dating, and hoping that he leaves the home he built and pays for.

Trust me!

I’m A Comeaux and I approve this message.

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