Are You Living Your Best LIE?

Are You Living Your Best LIE?
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How beautiful do you feel naked? How powerful do you feel broke? What is the source of your joy?

I asked myself these questions while in bed reflecting on my life. There were about a hundred other self-notes taken and honestly I didn’t have all the answers.

I began to write a poem. Then a short story. Then a monologue and in the true spirit of being a blogger, here it is! A blog about living your best lie.

No. There’s no typo. LIE. The biggest lie we tell, the first lie we tell, is to ourselves.

Being master deceivers of self makes us master liars to others.
We can change our hair length to sweep the bulge of bought butts. We can alter our eye color adorned with lavish fake lashes on a face ‘beat to the gawds’ with enough make-up to appease Ru-Paul himself…all before we even make it out of the door!
We tell ourselves that we’re something all while being someone we’re not. Dressing for a cause we haven’t defined because it’s not our true core. When we deviate from our inner-love, we assimilate to standards and expectations of others. Society and the media can be emotional bullies by cyber-psyching us! How? Ever heard of photo-shop? Air-brushing faces, 6-packs and waistlines are editor staples while most viewers are none the wiser.

Enhancements are fine. As women we have the right to change our hair color as much as we please. Embellishments to our wide range of beauty and shades are endless. OWN it! Just know your true self in the process. Never let a magazine cover be your ideal picture. Be motivated but never try to duplicate what the media calls beauty: Instead, you define that for yourself.

I hope you’re not living your best lie. I hope you’re not trying to be anything less than your amazing self. I hope the first picture of yourself you see in the morning is more beautiful than anything you can add. Your truth is your beauty. Your confidence is your glow; it’s the best foundation to can start your day, and despite the wear and tear of life, it can carry it’s weight against the pressures of the day. Build from there. Build from your truth. Know it. Define it. Embrace and protect it.

I’m A Comeaux and I’m working on my best L-I-F-E!

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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