Top Three Fashion Tips for the Perfect Fit

Top Three Fashion Tips for the Perfect Fit
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By Cabryl Breotti

Recently I spoke with fashion diva “Ashley” (a tall, perfectly shaped, size-2 young lady) about her shopping experiences.

In my mind, there were visions of Ashley’s shopping excursions filled with boisterous laughter as she ripped garments from display mannequins to fit on her own frame. But then Ashley told me that she couldn’t find clothes that fit; yes you read that correctly, a modelesque size 2 could not find clothes that could fit.

I was rendered speechless. As it turns out, Ashley has at least 3 different sizes of jeans and tops in her closet. This is a problem for 93% of women and 40% of men.

While this might not solve your perfect fit dilemma, here are some tips to make it easier.

Tip #1: Diversify your shopping scene.
Venture far away from home (or your usual department stores) to find the perfect fit. Boutiques and independent shops along with second-hand thrift stores in your area are likely to have unique garments with different designer cuts tailored to fit an actual person.

Tip #2: Find inspiration online.
Just think, with online shopping, you have the entire fashion world at your keyboard! Finding the perfect fit applies to what you wear and how you wear it, great examples are at your fingertips online. I know this may seem to be a gamble (due to the see-and-touch theory), however most online sites have a standard return policy (double-check fine print), and realistic sizing guides to help you make your selection.

Tip #3: Seek out Fashion Students—and get custom garments!
Check your local college and high school fashion design programs for the next up and coming designer. Inquire how you can be a “live” fit model for a construction class; the students need the experience of creating clothes for a grade and you can get a custom garment made just for you!

Let me know how that works out for you! (And Tweet me your fashion selfies!)

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