Sorry Chicks, You Can't Reverse the One-Night-Stand

Sorry Chicks, You Can't Reverse the One-Night-Stand
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By Lydia Katherine

So you like the guy. He’s educated, motivated and highly anticipated
for an appearance in your lustful, fictional, feature forecast. For
his attention, you become an opportunist. For his affection, you are
flirtatious. For his kisses, you are imaginative.

When you are in the same room, you become shy, bashful at times. Your
mind recites, “It could all be so simple…” Lauryn Hill tone, but
this is not a love lost; this is a lust present.

Let’s fast forward,
“Baby Baby Baby, From the day I saw you, I really want to catch your
eye..” Word to Alicia Keys.

Scene: You arrive, he greets you, engage, both convene in a quiet
corner of the room, lights a dim sepia, after a few laughs and
oncoming gestures, you both are left then right as he reaches for the
door, you smile and walk through and chucks the deuces to his crew.

Now the challenge; Friends, Cosmo and Essence chant, “Don’t do it,
make him want you more.”

So as you cozy into the passenger seat and tune out his small talk,
your mind is on repeat; “Make him want me more.”

“Make him want you more” becomes less of a phrase and more like a few
blurry letters in a deserted mindset of composure.

Is this “Wife Material” behavior? Sorry Lasana Smith, this behavior
completely disregards all of your advice.

Maybe at this moment you’re not trying to be “wife material”. Perhaps
at this moment, you’re over the “guidelines to dating” propaganda and
you are feeling some type of way about this moment.

Truth be told, we are well informed that for every cause there is an
effect and every action, a reaction etc.. So what will be the
conclusion if this moment results in adult activities?

What type of wishful thinking are you engaging?

Here’s The Rundown:

-You see each other at various social highlights throughout the city

-You have a common network

-You’re both attractive and attracted to each other


-You haven’t been on a formal date

-Your interactions are vague and communication is typically drained by
a variety of distractions

-You don’t have a clear understanding of his intentions–or your own–at the


-Why are you tempted to consummate this lust?

-Why is he so deserving with such little effort?

-Why are you thinking so deep, right now?

Some say having sex too soon can burden the potential for a meaningful
relationship and before you know it, the clock strikes twelve and your
snow globe vision of happily ever after turns into a pumpkin.

Others have a more optimistic outlook and beam across the marquee,
“You’re an adult/go ahead and test drive before you invest.”

Only one thing is certain; Know before you Go.

Know exactly what You want.

Know what to expect.

Know how to accept the outcome and

Know how to keep it moving.

There is no Reverse in the dating lane, There’s only Drive.

Live Love Laugh and Eat Chocolate Cake!

Lydia Katherine

Lydia Katherine believes in living for the moment, loving every moment, laughing at past moments and building greater moments! Follow Lydia on Twitter @LKaton10

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