Six Ways to Be an Excellent Gift Giver

Six Ways to Be an Excellent Gift Giver

by Gina B.

Christmas is in a few days, and some of you are probably still struggling with the thought of having to buy gifts. It happens to the best of us. Even some of the most avid shoppers cringe at the thought of buying the perfect present.

If you’ve ever been the person who freaks out and waits until the last possible moment to buy a gift for a loved one, until the only thing left on the shelves is one paltry pre-wrapped bottle of $12 cologne, I hope to help you jumpstart your creativity.  It’s not too late!

Remember that when you’re buying a gift for a loved one – especially a significant other – the idea is prove that you pay attention, that you’re in tune to your partner’s needs and desires, that you know exactly what he/she wants, and that you’re interested in eliciting a big smile and holiday happiness.

For some this might seem like a daunting task, but if you’re determined, you can transform. (Also? It’s too cold to get kicked out of the house.)

  1. Think. Recall conversations you’ve had with your significant other. Certainly that person has expressed passing desires about something that he/she won’t buy for him/herself. Think of favorite restaurants, stores, etc. Guys, where does she get her spa services? What has she been dying to do that she’s never made the time for? There are many options, so if you just calm down and think, the great ideas will pour in.
  2. Remember that it’s not about you. While you’re thinking about the perfect gift, remember that you’re not buying for yourself. Meaning, don’t give something that you’d like to receive or something that you will somehow benefit from.
  3. Realize that men and women aren’t created equally.  When it comes to gifts, men can be perfectly thrilled with a practical unsexy gift.  I once gave my boyfriend an internal hard drive for his new computer, and he was absolutely thrilled.  Women?  Not so much.  We tend to prefer beauty and baubles.  So, guys? Even if she NEEDS a vacuum cleaner? Now isn’t the time.
  4. Mobilize and pull the trigger. Don’t overthink it. You don’t have much time left to ponder. Stores have great return policies, just in case you feel buyer’s remorse later.
  5. Utilize the element of surprise. Although your significant other will try to get you to give her hints, don’t cave in! The real fun is in having been surprised.
  6. Make a grand presentation. While you might feel your job is done when the gift has been purchased and/or delivered, you have work yet to do. There is no joy in being handed a raggedy plastic bag and being told: “Here. Merry Christmas!” There is significantly more excitement in receiving a beautifully wrapped package – one that shows that you made an effort.

Enjoy your holiday season, and happy shopping!

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