Politically Correct: 12 Ways NOT to Get Fired at the Office Party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  But if you want your employer’s evaluation of your performance to bring equally good tidings, you best follow these 12 ways of Christmas…partying that is.
  1. Do not deck the halls with boughs of Molly, or any other drug.   Such indulgences are never cool, but you definitely don’t want to show up tardy for the party in a disheveled or disillusioned state, constantly asking others, “Do you hear what I hear?”
  2. Drink responsibly.  We all know that the bartender “tends” to make spirits even brighter on nights like these, packing a most powerful fruit punch and gettin’ that eggnog extra crackin.’  Make sure you have Plan B transportation just in case you end up Ciroc-in’ around the Christmas tree more than the legal limit allows.  Running grandma over with a reindeer barely garners laughter; putting others in harm’s way with your Bronco or any other vehicle—not so much. 
  3. Jingle your bells in moderation.  If the sight of Mommy kissing Santa Claus caused a stir, the image of you twerking with the boss can’t be good.  Remember where you are (a work function) and don’t let your dance moves usurp your power moves.
  4. When going “home” for the holidays, make sure you return to your address.  Many an affair to remember (or one we’d like to forget) took root under the mistletoe…and influence.   Be careful not to let a hot evening become water cooler fodder the next morning.  #NoHoHo
  5. No struggle plates for the potluck! If you know good and well that microwaving Smart Ones is the extent of your culinary skills, make an equally smart choice—purchase a healthy veggie tray or festive centerpiece as your contribution. 
  6. Keep it a silent night.  Loose lips during dinner can leave you in a tight spot later.  This is not the time to put your co-worker’s head on a platter with gossip, or serve up reasons why you deserve that promotion and raise.  Enjoy the caloric dishes, but keep your conversation light.
  7. You can’t buy love (although diamonds help).  Likewise, you also value success more when you’ve honestly worked for it.  Rudolph’s red nose set him apart; not brown-nosing with gifts you can neither afford nor keep up will not only help you stand out, but can earn you more mutual and most important– self-respect.
  8. E-mails and texts aside, nothing compares to a good old-fashioned, handwritten thank you note.
  9. As we get older our taste in gifts extend beyond the simple, child-like innocence of merely wanting our two front teeth.  The stakes are higher and we now count the thought of the giver.  Like the hanging of our stockings by the chimney, be sure to re-gift with care.  Remove old To/From tags and for goodness sake, make sure the person you’re giving the gift to is not who it was originally from!
  10. Give generously and wisely.  Keep receipts and charity contribution statements for the upcoming tax season. 
  11. In this day of extreme political correctness, what Christmas means to me–or you, is not necessarily what it means to others.  Be mindful and respectful of varying beliefs, and be sensitive toward those for whom the year and subsequently the holiday season may not be happy.  A sincere smile is always the best accessory and it never goes out of style.
  12. Remember this–having a job is a gift! Be kind at work.
Wishing You All Things Fa La La La Fabulous,
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Follow Celeste T. Parker on Twitter @PigsDwPearls

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