Guard Your Panties! Lovers Disappear During the Holidays

Guard Your Panties! Lovers Disappear During the Holidays
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By A Comeaux

While the world is pulling it’s wig back on from being snatched by the BEYONCÉ stealth album… and um, the controversy surrounding R. Kelly and America’s acceptance of him despite his alleged underage affairs, there’s plenty to discuss in hot topics and mainstream media.

But I’m dealing with something far bigger than these celebs.

I’m dealing with a friendly dose of rejection that I’m not swallowing so lightly.

Now this isn’t a vanity plight nor a rant about why someone would be so preposterous as to deny me their love. Nope. This is about protecting my light; the very energy that makes me who I am, the bubbly personality that’s either loved of hated, that is my core.

This is my light.

I was courted by a suitable partner.

All the checks on my list present with a few additional bells and whistles summed up to a sweet tune. I was courted. Called and texted so much it’d rival a millennial on their best unlimited plan!

Lavish dates and limitless getaways to prove I was the apple of both eyes! It seemed beautiful. It appeared to be the start and steam of a romance to encourage my poetry and heart alike.

Then it stopped.

We lost track of calls. Our texts were seldom. Talks heading in and out of business meetings were lost in transit and/or never returned.

What happened?

Was it something I said?

What impression had I given? (And why am I looking for my wrongs in someone else’s actions?)

I was befuddled.

I’d given up my light. My energy but NOT my panties.

Chicks, we focus so much on 90-day rules that we forget that time invested is just as valuable.

My energy I’d given up. My time spent away from my personal life is priceless. It should be protected, just as I protect my panties.

Sure I’m celibate, but I’m an emotional whore.

I’ve fallen in love with undeserving leeches at the most inconvenient of times.

I’ve spent hours in the presence of someone I thought wanted to invest in me, only to realize that I was a space-filler until the plane landed.

I’ve watched a lover love another all before I had a fair shot at loving.

All this without an orgasm would seem pointless, right? Life is a teacher and we must experience it to learn.

Please, protect your light. Guard your time. Shield your energy as you do your panties. Trust me, being left feels just as empty–even without the sex.

I’m A Comeaux and I’m guarding much more than my panties.

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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