Be Like Tweety Bird--and Rise Above the Madness

Be Like Tweety Bird--and Rise Above the Madness
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Live Your Own Success

By Kym B.

Have you ever watched Loony Tunes, with Sylvester the Cat who is on a constant mission trying to catch and eat Tweety Bird?  Sylvester envies the swiftness of Tweety and despises the bird’s beauty.  He spends episodes trying to outwit and outsmart Tweety’s very being.  The more Tweety tries to befriend Sylvester the more hatred festers in the cat’s soul for the bird.

I’ve learned throughout the years that the more successful you become the more haters you have.  But I believe the true emotion can best be described as envy.  Envy is the constant companion of success.  Envy can make one mourn over someone else’s’ accomplishments.  It sickens one into a state of hatred for another.  It even makes one suffer their own well-being to harm someone else. (i.e. “If I don’t eat than no one eats”).

Why is it that people want another’s success but not their struggles; their job but not their journey; their money but not their misery; their life but not their lesson?  Have we become such a lazy society that we would rather belittle and criticize another’s accomplishment instead of doing the work to reach our own goals? Why tell me your opinion of how you would do it; yet you don’t do anything!

It is a true statement that “success doesn’t come easy;” everything is hard before it becomes easy.  Success takes work.  It takes courage. It takes commitment.  Transition requires tension; you must stretch to go to the next level.  You must learn to outgrow your environment and not become comfortable with your surroundings and those who surrounds you.  Know who and who not to share your ideas with; because some people think it is their job to share other people’s information and aspirations while covering their own.

Remember your success is your own; you will never be able to achieve or accomplish it like someone else.  But, someone else will never be able to achieve or accomplish it like you can!

Let’s go back to the cat and the bird.  After all these years Tweety Bird has never been captured by Sylvester the Cat.  That is because if a bird flies down to the haters camp he will get attacked.  Instead, be like Tweety Bird and fly above the haters, dream your own dreams and be the best YOU – that YOU can be.

Kym B. is an International Policy Analyst for the US Department of State and she owns a clothing design boutique with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter @AlwaysRich777

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