10 Ways to Get ON TRACK for a Successful #2014!

10 Ways to Get ON TRACK for a Successful #2014!

By Dawniel Patterson Winningham @wealthspeaker interviewing Sophia Angeli Nelson @IamSophiaNelson

As a Master Life and Business Coach it is refreshing when you have the opportunity to have YOUR CUP refilled by someone knowledgeable, worldly, and giving. Interviewing Sophia Angeli Nelson recently was just that for me. It was an opportunity for me to not only bring a word or two to you to help you start YOUR New Year successfully, but I was also able to do what Luther suggests in one of his mega-hits, selfishly take a little for myself.

Are you ready for 2014? First and foremost, Sophia asks that we visualize life as a running track. “Think about a track meet,”,she says, “sometimes you have a marathon, sometimes a sprint; sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, but your biggest goal is to finish!”

Sophia compares your ability to WIN with the fact that your first few steps make a huge difference. In other words, when you start 2014 you MUST position yourself to win and in order to do so you MUST GET TO THE STARTING BLOCK.

Sophia offers this advice on GETTING STARTED:

There is NOTHING that can happen to you in this life that can derail your destiny and your dreams other than you:

1.      Stop the negative self-talk!   You can say you don’t have the time, resources, money, a mentor or whatever, but truth is the more YOU say it, the more it becomes YOUR TRUTH.

2.      Realize your past is NOT your future. Everyone from Michelle Obama to Danica Patrick had to start somewhere. Everyone has a story, and what you see from most women is not where they started, but where they are now. Take Oprah for example, she had challenges but she persevered. Will you?

3.      You are NEVER too old to get started, but you MUST get started!

4.      Be careful what you allow others to speak about you. Susan Boyle, the great singer from Britain that became famous for her performance on the country’s talent show, was told from birth that she would always need someone to take care of her.

5.      Don’t allow your FEELINGS to take over, whether it is fear or lack of confidence, PUSH THROUGH and continue to move towards success.

6.      Take some RISKS. There will be some rewards at the end, but if you never take the RISK you never receive the REWARD.

Powerful STUFF! But Sophia doesn’t stop there.  This first set of advice was just to get you up to the starting block! Now you are at the starting block:

7.      Journal or on your laptop to detox your soul.  If your soul is polluted from loss, pain, hurts, you get hardened.  When you start to become hardened you miss your blessings.  Write down where your impacts are coming from.

8.      Forgive, Release and Heal – Don’t just be good at asking for it when we make mistakes, be good at offering it to others.  Nelson Mandela is an excellent example of how he forgave the VERY nation that imprisoned him for 27 years.  Let it go and then finally accept it and heal!

9.      Who’s in your row – Who are you following, who’s in your ear, who’s talking to you?  Each of us attract positive and negative…clean out your row!

10.      Resilience – You can get knocked down, but do not get knocked OUT!

BONUS:      Acceptance – when we accept things for WHAT THEY ARE, not could have, would have, should have been, we free ourselves to see what is still possible.  Know that what you see is what you get, and that comes to people, situations, and circumstances.  Some things we can’t change but we MUST focus on the things that are possible.  Acceptance is the final step in healing.

With all due respect to resolutions STOP with resolutions and get a plan!  You have to do both the internal work and live the code of resilience and acceptance then you will be in a different place next year than you are now.

Sometimes we have to EXECUTE now and perfect later. 

Sometimes life will throw you some things but it is up to YOU to be RESILIENT and to power you THROUGH.  Keep the FAITH and FIND your will to win to finish this race. 

Know that when you start the universe will reward your effort.

Thanks to Sophia for these words of wisdom and her natural love of sisterhood and paying success forward.  You can catch Dawniel Winningham and Sophia Angeli Nelson on Xcel Radio at www.xcelradio.com on 1/30/13 at 8pm EST discussing with other Life Experts ways for you to start 2014 like no other.  #2014SetGo Twitter: @wealthspeaker; Sophia Angeli Nelson @IamSophiaNelson
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