He Said, "I'll Never Leave You, But I WON'T Marry You"

He Said, "I'll Never Leave You, But I WON'T Marry You"
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By A Comeaux

So in true A Comeaux fashion, I’m talking to a guy and two women about marriage in the new millennium and how things have changed from the days when our parents and grandparents dated.

The results may shock you, but it’s the mindset I’m particularly appalled by: Men today feel women aren’t worthy of the ring. Specifically those who gain weight, slack on sex and don’t ‘keep house’ as a wife should.

I was told women today want marriage because they need some help on the bills, security and bragging rights. This guy went on to say that today’s woman isn’t the woman his mother raised: She isn’t chaste, she doesn’t hold a strong sense of morale and due to the shortage of men available to marry, she’s in constant competition, thus making her easier to conquer.

(*takes deep breath and sips wine).

He noticed my unease. He said not all women fall in this category, but the majority rules.

I asked him about women he dates and the mere caliber of women that he attracts.

Square in the eye, he told me when he’d found ‘the one’ he’d vow to never marry her, nor leave her. He quipped as long as a woman feels she can lose something, she’ll guard it with her life. Wow. I wasn’t alone in my bafflement. The other two women were as quiet, and dumfounded as my facial expression warranted. But they didn’t disagree.

They’d heard similar testimonies in the privacy of their failed attempts at matrimony. Never this raw. Never this real. Never this clear.

Men, is this a true consensus? Have we lost your trust? Have we fallen into the microwave love of reality TV and the like? Have we succumbed to the pressures of new wave/online dating to the point that we’ve left out true affection and deleted our standards? Do you feel that the curve is tainted with the easy women giving it away when we all should wait for substance?

Where did we go wrong?

Women, I ask you, do we not long to nurture and secure our children in households with fathers? Have we given up on giving our men our all? Have we lowered the bar for our goods so that they no longer bend over for us, but simply step over the rope to the next woman in line?

People, have we given up on forever? Are we all just searching for an amazing ‘now’?

I mean no disrespect. Chime in and talk to me. I’d like to know your truth. This can’t be it…

A Comeaux

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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