Got a minute? Cure Your Fear of Networking

Got a minute? Cure Your Fear of Networking
"Coco" Ke Zhang-Miske is Engineering Business Manager for GM Global Infotainment and OnStar Engineering. Photo: Dr. Dawj..

Hard work means little if you’re not good at networking. Every day, the hardworking worker bee is left behind because she’s too shy to network, too afraid to ask for help, or too soft-spoken to attract a mentor.

Video: Meet “Coco” Ke Zhang-Miske

“Coco” Ke Zhang-Miske by Zondra Hughes

If you’re the shy worker bee, you can get a career edge by volunteering, advises “Coco” Ke Zhang-Miske, Engineering Business Manager for GM Global Infotainment and OnStar Engineering.

Prior to earning her degree in electrical engineering with a specialty in alternative energy propulsion systems, Coco graduated from the Beijing Academy of Dance, where she studied Classical Chinese Dance.

In other words, Coco is not shy. “Go out there and participate in business events in the community,” Coco advises. “Don’t be shy; talk to people. I ask questions and volunteer at every company activity or community service event; and I learn from everybody around me. You never know; sometimes the people you talk to can become your mentors.”

Video: The Benefits of Volunteering

Coco Ke Zhang-Miske by Zondra Hughes

As for volunteering, Coco serves as Global Development Chair for GM Jumpstart and as board president for the Detroit Chinese Engineers Association among other service-related activities.

Coco also advises that if you work in a male-dominated industry, you should wear your game-face at work, and do your job effectively.

“Do not think differently of yourself; be very confident and do your job well,” Coco says. “There will be someone in your work area that just does not respect women in a male-dominated field, so don’t focus on changing their minds. Do a good job and do not let other people’s attitudes affect your work ability.”

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