Got a minute? 7 Tips to Recharge Your Career

Got a minute? 7 Tips to Recharge Your Career
Ven K. Lai

The future is now—so, are you prepared for it?

Ven K. Lai, Lead Creative Designer, Buick, Creative Design, has seven rules for rebooting your career and these rules apply if you’re a Millennial just starting out, and/or if you’re a mid-level executive starting over.

Video: Meet Ven K. Lai

Ven K. Lai, Lead Creative Buick, Creative Design

Ven’s 7 Rules of the Career Reboot

Change is good, especially if you’re prepared! Constantly improve your game, never mind the position you play. Here, then, are Ven K. Lai’s seven best strategies for success.

1.  1. Keep an open mind.

2.  2. Listen.

3. 3. Have a yearning to learn.

4. 4. “Be open to change; be flexible and willing to adapt.”

5.  5. “Do not be so laid back, it’s important to be keenly aware of your surroundings.”

6.  6. “Be actively engaged in what’s going on,” Ven states. “Know what your strengths are and have the ability to recognize areas where you need to take on new challenges.

    Video: Ven’s Top 5 Female Designers/Artists

Ven K. Lai’s Top 5 Designers

7.  7. Have more than one mentor. “When looking for a mentor, look for leaders who have qualities and attributes that inspire. I look for that in other people and I seek feedback, advice and guidance from several people,” Ven divulges. “For me, having a mentor is not necessarily one person; it’s great to get diversity, variation and different perspectives.”

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