Got a Minute? 5 Ways to Balance Your Life NOW

Got a Minute? 5 Ways to Balance Your Life NOW
Suzy Cody, Performance Engineer-Aero Development for General Motors, moonlights as Shovey Camaro, a popular roller derby skater. Photo: Zondra Hughes.

By Zondra Hughes

How’s this for work-life balance: Suzy Cody, Performance Engineer/Aero Development at General Motors, has a demanding day job; six kids at home; and she still has time to dye her hair GM Blue and moonlight as roller derby skater Shovey Camaro.

 Video: Meet Suzy Cody, Performance Engineer/Aero Development, General Motors

Suzy Cody: Work-Life Balance by Zondra Hughes

While on our tour of General Motors World in Detroit, we asked Suzy how she manages to do it all; these are her five tips for work-life balance.

Suzy’s 5 Ways To Balance Your Life

1. Get a village.

You’re not Superwoman so stop attempting to do everything on your own.  It doesn’t make you less of a woman to ask for support.

2. Use your village.

“Find a village and use that village that you’ve put into place,” Cody says. “I have a village at home that helps me with my children and I have a village at work that helps me to achieve my requirements and develop my programs.”

3. Set your priority list and check it often.

“If you get wrapped up in the details and you don’t do that constant check-in of your priorities, you will go off on a tangent…and get off that path that you want.”

4. Prune your to-do list often.

“If you set that priority list and allow things that are important to you rise to the top, the things on the bottom get pruned; if you don’t prune the bottom then it’s overwhelming.”

 Video: Suzy Discusses the Power of Pruning

Suzy Cody: 5 Tips for Life Balance by Zondra Hughes

5. Always put people before things.

“Put people first. Looking through my priority list, I sometimes see things at the top.  So what if the floor has a scratch or the carpet has a stain; where does that fit in the grand scheme of how it affects people? Having that people focus is a really big part of putting everything together.”

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