Saturday's Fashion and Arts Humanity Fete: Meet the Honorees!

by Lydia Katherine

The Fashion and Arts Humanity Fete, an event that honors humane achievements in Chicagoland’s fashion and arts community, takes place on Saturday, October 26, at 5:00 p.m. at the all new Harmony Event Space, 1908 S. Millard Avenue. Three of the esteemed honorees are LaTonya Hubbard of LH Couture; Vau’ve Anais of Official Anais; and Julie M. Holloway of JMH Art & Design Studio.

Julie M. Holloway, JMH Art & Design Studio

SBC: What is your most valuable advice for entrepreneurs? 

 Julie M. Holloway: “If you stop marketing, they stop watching!,” that’s my motto, and I can’t say this more plainly. When you market, your audience reacts, follows and purchases. When you slow down or cease your marketing the audience goes elsewhere, becomes distant or uninterested or simply stops thinking about you. Market to your audience a few times a day, but don’t be pushy and sales-ish, just interact, connect and mingle and make your brand be known! Don’t stop.


SBC: What are your personal branding best tips?

There are three keys to creating a unique and memorable personal brand:

Passion + Purpose.  2. Creativity + Uniqueness 3. Execution + Consistency.

Passion + Purpose When creating your brand think clearly about what you want to portray. Consider how you want your target audience to view you (most likely as an expert in your field). With that, ensure that your passion flows freely when communicating your brand to the world. 

Creativity + Uniqueness. Your brand is your bread and butter; it’s the center of your earth. You must display it creatively. By enlisting a team of professional photographers, designers, marketers and PR experts you are investing in yourself and your purpose. The image that you present to the world will be the very presence that is felt by your clients, consumers, family and friends. Ensure that your image represents you fully for what you wish to convey.

Execution + Consistency. Execution of a strategy and a marketing plan is critical. Ensure that you are constantly nourishing and caring for your brand. Create a marketing strategy and execute it. Hire a team of professionals that will help elevate your mission and your movement to the next level. Be unique, be memorable, be helpful to the consumer, interact and network.


LaTonya Hubbard of LH Couture

SBC: What is your most important self-taught lesson?
Latonya Hubbard: To rely on God’s guidance no matter how things may look; stay in faith and believe.

LaTonya Hubbard: How does style impact a woman’s confidence?
It’s in a woman’s chemistry to be conscious of beauty and style. We spend tons of money trying to look our best. I think that when an individual is in a leadership role, one of her main responsibilities is to accent the beauty and best in everyone, and for that, style and self-esteem are very important tools.

Vau’ve Anais of Official Anais

SBC: What inspires you?

Vau’ve Anais: My daily inspiration is leaving a legacy and accomplishing my goals in spite of the challenges I face.

What steps can we all take to encourage and educate our youth for a better tomorrow?

It’s tremendously important for youth to be socially conscious; I always tell my peers to encourage that in our youth. Sowing seeds of social consciousness and activism is the key to building greater families and communities.

How do you define power? How should power be utilized in politics?

I believe POWER is great resourcefulness channeled into action.  I think it can be positively used in politics by those in power using their resources to help the people who are most in need.



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