5 Truths About Blogging with Friends

5 Truths About Blogging with Friends
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 By Zondra Hughes

To date I’ve received several emails from Chicks seeking advice about launching a collaborative blog with their friends. Here are five truths that you should know beforehand.

1. You will be duped.

You will be duped by a self-promoter who wants to join your team of bloggers.

The self-promoter will make eye-contact with you as she discusses her “passion for blogging.”

She will respond expeditiously to your e-mails and/or calls until she is a member of your group.  After you’ve sealed the deal, the self-promoter will vanish, and she won’t reappear until she needs the group to promote whatever she’s selling.

Don’t take this trickery personally; the self-promoter never intended to contribute; her goal was to broaden her audience—without doing the work of blogging.   You can never inspire the self-promoter to contribute as she promised to do, so just cut your losses.

2. You will do the heavy lifting.

In the past, I asked the other Chicks to dress up for the weekly television show; to host live events, to show up for photo shoots, and so on.  I was outrageous with my demands, and that added to the group’s initial crash and burn.

The truth is that everyone can not be as committed as you; things happen, and you and your blog collaboration are not on their radar.

Again, do not take it personally if you’re excited to get something done and you receive a lackluster response from your fellow bloggers. Their mindset is this: The collaboration was your idea, so it’s your baby; your responsibility; your expenses and your problem.

And if the blog partnership fails, it’s your fault.

Nowadays, I edit the SBC blogs, schedule the social media, meet and greet partners who may want to do business, cover all expenses (website, graphics, events, etc)., run the weekly #SBCChat and answer to everyone else—fellow bloggers, fans and critics—about current issues and future possibilities. Of course not all blog collaborations are run this way, just prepare yourself if it comes to this.

3. You will hound your fellow bloggers like a bill collector.

As the blog leader, prepare to hound your fellow bloggers with friendly reminders, invitations, perks, gifts, phone calls, texts and e-mails, all in the effort of getting the contributors to submit their blogs, as they promised to do.

Do not become discouraged if your bloggers do not meet their deadlines; it’s more important that they submit quality blogs.

If your bloggers do not contribute at least monthly, however, you need to re-evaluate your team.

4. You will lower your social media expectations.

Everyone does not share the same social media habits. That is, some bloggers may not be active on Facebook or Twitter. Some of the best writers may have only 15 Twitter followers.  And still others won’t lift a finger to ‘Like’ the blog that they’ve written.  

This is where you must dig deep and socialize your bloggers. Engage with your bloggers and fan base weekly; A Comeaux had a wonderful idea, the #SBCChat relationship Tweet chat, where we Tweet about relationships with our Tweeps and bloggers each Wednesday at noon. This weekly hour of engagement keeps us in the front of mind of our Tweeps and we have a load of fun with the team.

(In the big scheme of things, it’s not the quantity of followers that you have, it’s the quality—engaged, active, loyal—followers that matters most).

5. You will love blogging like nothing else in the world.

Girl talk–offering our different perspectives about love, life, and losing the drama–is our passion. We share our stories in the name of service, and we will continue to keep the conversation relevant and authentic.  When you launch your blog, you will feel that same sense of purpose that will motivate you to produce content that connects you with the world beyond your computer screen–and you will never lose that feeling.

Be prepared to love blogging like nothing else in the world…and good luck!




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