Twerking and Nappy Hair: A Bad Week for Black Women

By A Comeaux

What a week it’s been for the Black woman! As soon as I sat down to write a response to one satirical headline here comes another.

Let me catch my breath and spew this with the last shred of restraint I have left.

If you don’t know, I’m a black woman. I don’t make homemade ‘twerking’ videos and my parents aren’t rich. Apparently a novelty writer over at the New York Times had some brisk words for girls who twerk and how to explain their antics to those unbeknownst of Americas latest phenomenon.

Let me be clear, while I’m no fan of said girls making videos to not only exploit themselves but here’s how “we all” get cupped in the sauce as black women. And boy did we all react!

Twitter was ablaze with retorts and bashes against this writer for his racist-driven depiction with a tongue in cheek delivery. I will not defend him, nor will I defend the women he’s speaking of.

We, beautiful women, must do better.

We are a powerful voice in the world, not victims!

I’ve said this before and will do so as many times as it takes. We need to be accountable for the images of us, BY us portrayed in the media. A few notable writers and bloggers all attacked the writer, but they retweet and pseudo-support this viral self-afflicted culture wound with ease. I feel the same way about the media crucifixion of Paula Dean for using a tactic that made her butter rich with the same words used by your favorite rappers.

Is it okay for black people to do and speak and act in whichever way one may choose then be outraged when we’re exploited, disrespected and made mockery of?

It’s the WORLD WIDE WEB. These videos weren’t leaked. They weren’t stolen. They weren’t paid to do these for food and health care for starving children. They did them for entertainment. Most people like, view and share it and now that Miley has “made history” doing so, black women are bothered!

Listen: if our smart, intelligent, young, vixens would be mindful of the repercussions we would have nothing to debate. Besides, somewhere in America there’s a video being made right now.

Why are we discussing it anyway? Let people be accountable for their actions. Speaking of accountability, there’s a black woman somewhere in America in a beautiful weave with zero resemblance to her natural hair.

In fact, she loathes it, *digs dagger, she even criticized a mother saving her children’s hair because its ‘afro’…*faints. Sheryl Underwood took the cake when she bashed Heidi Klum for preserving her mixed children’s hair when cut. Precious, right?

ALL the mothers identified with this act of affection for sake of memory and Sheryl immediately took this opp to attack ‘nappy hair’… Why?

Not only is she sitting on national television in a full, ‘silky straight’ wig, but literally uttering the words ‘no one wants nappy hair and who would save afro hair?’, was just down right repulsive.

The others on the panel were caught in awkward moment number one! Black woman on TV in front of America bashing Black hair sitting with another Black woman and white women are now officially uncomfortable!

Nice job, Sheryl. You suck.

I’m A Comeaux and I hope we have a better week, Black woman. Love yourself above it all…

A Comeaux

A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective. Follow her on Twitter @KCOSpoke

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