LA Hair's Kim Kimble Provides Leadership Tips

by Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster– I had a chance to sit down with celebrity hair guru and star of WETv’s L.A. Hair on a recent visit to The Shrine in Chicago. We talked leadership and her thoughts on how to lead effectively.


Dr. Dawj: What is it that you feel makes a great leader?

Kim Kimble: Leadership is very important and everyone can’t lead, but you have to know who is capable of leading effectively.  As a leader, I know how to be stern and understanding. I understand that each person has to be dealt with differently and that you have to meet your team members where they are. People are human and make mistakes.


Dr. Dawj: What are your thoughts on team cohesion?

Kim Kimble: Not all people will be a great fit for your team especially when they have different agendas. As a leader, you have to know how to let people go when they are cancerous to your business.  You have to have discernment to know who is a great fit and who isn’t.


Dr. Dawj: How do you know who is a “good fit”?

Kim Kimble: I trust God and I believe in forgiveness. At the same time, I believe leadership is like being a parent or having a family; you have to love people through the good and the bad; you have to scold them when necessary and you definitely have to know when to let people go.


Dr. Dawj: How do you appreciate good talent on your team?

Kim Kimble: As a leader, you have to recognize that every person on your team plays an important role to the success of that team. Respect their position on your team and help build on their strengths.


Kimberly Kimble:

Kimberly Kimble is the owner of Kimble Hair Care, celebrity hair guru and star of LA Hair, which airs on WeTV.


About “Dr Dawj”

Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster is a photojournalist, business psychology professional, philanthropist and world changer. Follow her on twitter @Dawgelene

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