Hey Hollywood Diva--Dress Your Age!

Hey Hollywood Diva--Dress Your Age!
Asjrah Harper

By Asjhra Harper

If you’re a celebrity or not, some outfits should not be worn after you’ve hit a certain age.

If you are 54-years-old and walking around in a bandage dress like Madonna or mini skirt and cut-off shirt like 46-year-old Mariah Carey—especially if you’re a wife and/or mother—you should begin to question if you have accepted that you’re no longer in your 20s or 30s.  

Another star that does not seem to get the point is Pamela Anderson.  This blonde thinks she’s still on Baywatch, I hope she understands that those days are over. 

Also, you can’t forget Jennifer Lopez. The entertainer has been in the industry for more than fifteen years since landing her first major role in Selena.  We understand that she still has that great body, but now 43-years-old, and a mother, Jennifer must understand that the public eye is watching as well as her own children.

Lastly, Hollywood’s influencer’s Miss Nicki Minaj has elevated to an international artist, but dressing as a Barbie is over the top. Dressing as a thirteen-year-old girl when you’re 30-years-old is not acceptable.

Nicki I love your music, but considering  your raunchiness since coming on the scene in 2010, and the fact that you’re a role model for young girls, [your choice of wardrobe] is absurd.

If and when you’re in the limelight, your wardrobe should change; this doesn’t mean your sense of fashion needs to end, but with age comes maturity.

There is a way to be sexy over 40 without looking as if you’ve lost your sense of self.  There comes a time when one has to change and evolve. You don’t see Halle Berry or Angela Bassett walking around half-naked.

These women present themselves quite sexy, especially 54-year-old Angela Bassett and 46-year old Halle Berry who is now bearing her second child.

Overall, these Hollywood stars should think of their personal image and how they influence society and culture as a whole. 

Style up properly or toss it out.

Asjhra Harper represents The Miss Black Illinois USA organization as the current Miss Black South Chicago USA. Harper’s ambition is to compete and win the title of Miss Black Illinois USA 2014 at the Harold Washington Cultural Center October 19th.  Asjhra is Facebook.

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